Global Health: Partnering for Change

Christy Turlington joins the "Million Moms Challenge."
1:30 | 10/18/11

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Transcript for Global Health: Partnering for Change
I think that this is anonymous human issues mean each one of us is coming to the world. In the same way we were all born and our mother's sacrifice their lives in order for our health and our survival. And because I have my own complications. After delivering my first I understand what it's like to you would be at that close place where life and -- me. And I think all of us who have survived childbirth it's an obligation for us to take part in this in this fight. To raise awareness around -- house. Is something that is not talked about enough and then I think every mom in particular but every person really has a role to play and coming to contribute to this issue in this movement. -- -- -- accounts is an -- see -- action mobilization campaign really TU. To bring new awareness new audiences to educate people around issues. You born and and it's so important for us to get the word out that this is an urgent issues that mothers and children are. Are at risk every day. Every year every minute counts doesn't like nine months times and I really wanna even get beyond one million moms my life up there and nine month under -- -- Every mom.

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{"duration":"1:30","description":"Christy Turlington joins the \"Million Moms Challenge.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"14757837","title":"Global Health: Partnering for Change","url":"/Health/video/global-health-partnering-change-14757837"}