Getting to Know Gluten

Dr. Wendy Bazilian discusses gluten and what it means to be gluten free.
3:58 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for Getting to Know Gluten
What it means -- of me and -- died who needs -- and what does that do to your body. I'm Tanya Rivero -- we're here in New York city's only gluten free restaurant -- such -- -- To separate fact and fiction but -- checked -- out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What exactly is. Well gluten is a part of a protein -- the type of -- found in three. Different kinds of grains just -- and wheat rye and Barley who really needs to avoid it. People who have Celia disease and approximately one -- 100 individuals here in a six three million people. Haven't autoimmune disease where it causes that intestinal the tissue of intestines. To attack itself when gluten is comes in contact. There's also something called gluten allergy or intolerance which -- -- kind of -- and upset tummy and so those people should avoid -- because they feel. -- -- -- you don't went up about. Spent the last you know aren't don't have an allergy to ads and Ecstasy is there any benefits to eating gluten free -- not necessarily really I -- whole grains -- -- also for the people of the Celia -- but the -- -- look at the week -- apparently but -- you do need to get rid of the -- and here are the things that you can I'm right. Corn is probably the most recognizable of the bunch -- a -- President Bush and and a I'm not only have some code red -- -- isn't really trendy painting Green -- thirteen of fiber. Wild rice and all the rice varieties of rice's like Brad Wright -- light ranks in the black rights and all's well Greg and surprisingly Lesotho which is right base here we are -- -- such an area that has now. And this is the only gluten free -- on New York City is -- results the name it's O Reilly's base. That -- right so. You can have a lot on that and then of course there are lots of products where they have replaced. The gluten with other ingredients that people who have an issue that Clinton can pray so we don't have to give -- most people think it -- gluten free that they can't have Brett serials of the pops and that's. Energy bars or any of those. You have to shop smart. They're working on the FDA is working on a gluten free label. But it's not there yet so there's different certifications now where people are going at stamping loop freon different products everything from you know -- -- and breads. To -- meals and cookies and crackers and energy -- so. You can go gluten free you have to -- -- we're talking pediatricians still in getting yourself into trouble way every right to sell everything from you know -- -- crackers and cheese I mean what's different. About that are back perfectly. Would we make a meal at Hong Chris that read -- -- Could -- fifteen minutes -- -- so it's not like a big time commitment or anything salmon and broccoli. And then of course and -- -- off the menu because this is the place to get -- course -- six Arizona area these are gluten free -- six you can come to gluten free establishment. And enjoy everything -- -- on -- gluten free crust. Or of course the classic if He meant to before. At the taping up. -- Didn't make dessert you can have a -- -- cupcake and I think it's really -- -- no good because. You know not -- Clinton needs to follow it but it's good to know those people in support people who have to for health reasons. We can enjoy food treats them why not solicit stock that we didn't really thank you so much -- --

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"Dr. Wendy Bazilian discusses gluten and what it means to be gluten free.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"14811288","title":"Getting to Know Gluten ","url":"/Health/video/gluten--14811288"}