Getting a Good Night's Sleep

Shape magazine shares tips for a better night's rest.
5:39 | 10/14/11

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Transcript for Getting a Good Night's Sleep
Sleeping soundly for at least eight hours a night sounds pretty heavenly in fact -- getting a good night's rest is one of the best things we can do for our health. Shape magazine has put together some simple tips to help us improve the amount of sleep that we're getting once and for also joining us to explain -- these tips -- senior associate lifestyle editor. -- -- -- -- The heart thank you so much for -- Wednesday because people are not getting enough sleep clearly. They are not in fact 718% of Americans suffer from sleep issues. And the winning unfortunately are two to three times more likely to have trouble sleeping so it's really important that we -- things. To improve the race focus who what is some of the things we can -- Well first of why do you want to -- banished the bears a lot of people think that it's great to have an alcoholic drink right before you go to sleep. Now it's true that it might make -- tired initially and see my policy quickly. -- the problem is you're not sustaining good sleep studies have shown that women especially when they have too much to drink. And restless sleep at night to your -- singing you're turning. And it and get it effects when more than -- -- -- who either just. One glass we think it's just gonna -- a -- -- -- -- of that because I know a lot of people myself included on occasion. It's seems like the perfect way to -- as opposed to take in the one of the sleeping pills. Well it comes down to comment should drink and don't overdo it don't get teen text C one glass might be okay but again the best solutions to. Had -- natural selection OK so what else to what others have put other people what else can people do. C want to make sure that you're not eating a big meal before you go to sleep eat out Leon know that it's bats go to sleep on at and -- stomach but it's even worse to go to sleep when you're totally fall. Now very they hunger hormone called Greeley. And they actually moved to have a high level of this hormone. Right before you -- thinks He can have a deep sleep cycle. So we can check in Staley from cars stay away from sugar and do not have a big meal at least two to three hours with forty go to -- Wow that's because a lot of people again we'll have that late night snack before they hit the sack and it's either -- big bowl of ice cream or bag of potato chips for -- That's also not good for your -- as well RA but it's also causing us not to get a good night's -- can't if -- hasn't been really had to -- you might get indigestion and tossing and turning your stomachs trying to digest some -- over stimulating your body not because when you're trying to wind -- and what about -- -- try to cram so many things into our schedules a lot of work out at night. They -- CEO and really -- safe finds time to work out when ever you can't rank but -- -- -- you work out takes place at least. Three to four hours before you're trying to go to sleep. Because when you work out your you know your blood is -- being He had -- -- -- it generally it's going to figure over stimulating your body and you can't wind down. So instead try to work out the -- parents or in the morning is excellent if you have trouble sleeping studies have shown. The people who work out in the morning they actually go through a deeper sleep cycle at night wow because He had you time to kind of relax and kind of cool down throughout the entire day right and it really and proves you're -- -- read them. Also having hard time winding down again instead getting on that treadmill which is bad for you Tyson you -- -- exercise -- -- Medication of course is also excellent way. About a lot of people bring those -- and blackberries. And iphones and all -- a little technology gadgets to bed with them -- kind of catch up -- on the last minute you know news or whatever else is going on FaceBook or whatever. Good idea. That I did okay I had over stimulated society and it's still eating -- -- devices are so small that you can't help a wanna bring your phone instant ad with U Virginia Tech Twitter -- But it's really really bad because all of those gadgets actually -- Artificial light and that light suppresses your body's ability to build melatonin which is -- sleep. Hormone that we need again to train stop in -- nice slumber to keep everything away a you know if you need to unwind to read a book instead. Or eating out just -- hair and -- naturally without watching TV attack without watching you know crimes show which is again and get your mind is racing is are things -- you. Overestimating what about your over with the overall environment that -- sleeping. So important want to make sure that you're trying to build your very own -- sanctuary -- that this requires you to turn off all the lights keep super dark that He has shades. Those are excellent if you are getting a little bit -- from under the door from the -- out. Where sleep mask because again any sort of like -- -- remind your body that your -- Max -- Also noise is our very bad if you live in -- city and you can't get rid of the noises. My -- tight earplugs. Now how would about monitoring how well we're getting sleep ha how how well -- sleep -- now there's an interesting gadgets out there that do you help you monitor how well you see things. And -- we actually -- This -- media states. Censor you actually -- this time your last tie sat. This is part of a bigger weight loss program -- this little device has four sensors. But they're gonna tell you during the day how many calories -- burning the -- how many calories you're taking in me eat. And then at -- why you weighing this it's gonna help tell you how efficiently -- actually sleepy so it's measuring your body temperature Hamachi sliding. And you plug this in here keep computer with a USB cord and and you get a nice chart it's telling you exactly how you're doing DD -- Because then that might -- Raised some bigger issues that might have to be addressed to peanuts they -- exactly it's really helping you track how you're doing. -- -- separate information Behar from shape magazine thanks so much for being went into -- hanging.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"Shape magazine shares tips for a better night's rest.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"14741218","title":"Getting a Good Night's Sleep","url":"/Health/video/good-nights-sleep-14741218"}