Is Grief A Form Of Depression?

Dr. Jennifer Johnson says that although grief is not depression they can overlap
1:11 | 02/16/12

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Transcript for Is Grief A Form Of Depression?
So in the new -- the diagnostic and statistical manual which is -- psychologists and psychiatrists used -- diagnosed mental disorders. They've -- -- so that if you. Meet criteria for depression yet -- -- a -- not you agreed saying that can be considered -- -- passion in the past if you. Met criteria for depression he can he -- sleeping in my eating and -- are grieving. Dayton. Often couldn't make the depression and I -- assisting -- people company needed so this change doesn't mean that our grief is depression. But it does mean that depression that happens at the -- time is grief. Can be recognized in treatment you know if they're grieving and depressed in the presence in my main makes cents. When I think people don't realize that these medications is that if you aren't passed I don't -- -- -- and he was still felt sad it's still -- your feelings. However if -- also depressed me happiest are eating plants are sleeping again stop thinking about suicide and start putting on fund and another. Center at a valid option if someone has made -- to -- -- -- country.

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{"id":15698174,"title":"Is Grief A Form Of Depression?","duration":"1:11","description":"Dr. Jennifer Johnson says that although grief is not depression they can overlap","url":"/Health/video/grief-form-depression-dr-jennifer-johnson-overlap-advice-health-15698174","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}