Growing fear over the coronavirus in Ukraine

ABC News’ Ian Pannell joins us live from Japan to explain how evacuees from China reached Ukraine.
4:00 | 02/22/20

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Transcript for Growing fear over the coronavirus in Ukraine
And now the new warning from the CDC about the concerns here in the US. Our senior foreign correspondent Ian panel joining us live in just a minute but first his report. Tonight the global being recruited nineteen this case is around the world continue to grow. Anger boiling over in Ukraine is evacuees from China touched them for quarantined. Protestors that question with police after a false rumor friends who were infected with the new corona virus. And tonight the Salome the reality check from the World Health Organization. Although the number of cases outside China is still small. Time to stop the spread of the virus may be running ads. That window of opportunity is not only. So we need to. Two freaky before it closes. Completely. New clusters of the virus have grown in just the last few days. In northern Italy this hospital ER is now closed after patients spread the virus to find doctors and that's it. And others. Restaurants and schools the rules are being closed down. In South Korea a woman's spread the virus to nearly forty people at a church and beyond with numbers that growing. The CDC tonight assuring Americans the virus is spreading in the US right now but warning. Good. It's very possible even likely that it may actually happen to me be hearing about school shutting down. How big this is closing in countries in Asia and reduce the potential spread of this virus. Skating may come when we will need to implement such measures in the US community. Tonight's in Japan the last few hundred passengers and crew. Now expected to lead to stricken diamond princess with growing questions about how the quarantine was carried out on board. And Ian joins us now from that cruise ship in Yokohama Japan the you know Ian you're heading to South Korea right after this so what's the latest on both of those fronts. Yeah I mean it really feels so different here in Asia the whole atmosphere found the cases that are being reported continuing to rise. We're heading to South Korea towards that key city weather has been a significant outbreak. What we understand is this is a woman who is part of a Christie insects it's been described as a cult by some people who she was infected she's being. Titled a super spreader bar authorities as you didn't know that she was infected. But the way that that particular sect conducts its judge services in balls people gathering on the ground game confines places. And she has passed that our results are a significant number of people number of cases in South Korea doubling overnight. And the government that say while the full it was a list of people flying into the country from overseas it's now got a very serious domestic problem it feels it can control it. But it shows the dangers of web this virus may go from here. Well in we heard the WHO issued that warning about though window for containment so how big. Do they fear this could gat. Yeah I mean built we've we've heard a lot of warnings people are concerned that it could become a global pandemic of the overall numbers outside of China. Are still some old. But what we're seeing in Seoul and dale A and South Korea and also now and it today we've seen cases in Iran as well. Is that it only takes one person who doesn't necessarily know they've got this bars for then suddenly to stop to multiply in. Again areas swept people tend to congregate. Again this case in Iraq and happened didn't they religious city of culminates a place where local religious students go people who see praying confined spaces is exactly those kind of scenario is that leads to the spread of the virus so this could continue to grow and escalate we're seeing warnings in the states as well from the CDC would not back yet. But warnings that we could get to that point where we're seeing multiple. Outbreaks in different countries around the world. Well deftly Sam's story Ian panel in Japan forced thanks CN.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"ABC News’ Ian Pannell joins us live from Japan to explain how evacuees from China reached Ukraine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"69137576","title":"Growing fear over the coronavirus in Ukraine","url":"/Health/video/growing-fear-coronavirus-ukraine-69137576"}