Hantavirus Threat Lingers at Yosemite Park

Two park-goers died after being exposed to the airborne disease.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hantavirus Threat Lingers at Yosemite Park
The hanta virus problem was happening in what's known as signature tent cabins but the the capital with two layers of wall inside there's -- small gap. For insulation. And that's where the deer mice were seeking shelter. There are 91 signature tent cabins -- empty -- being retrofitted. To eliminate that gap between the walls. It is a design flaw it's not necessarily colonists -- flock. We -- cabins. In between every single -- that checks sent in checks out. Yosemite views are as stunning as ever but -- curry village where those tent cabins are located. Visitors can't avoid the hanta virus issue we -- Home. After a long hike Monday night and got -- us on our door and they say we had to move out so reproduce and or in this area. A mom from Southern California isn't taking any chances I to wash their hands constantly and if it touched their luster that if nothing else like -- they're washing their hands constantly. The two people -- died and another who's recovering from -- to virus state in this area at the same time in June. So Yosemite has notified 19100 other recent gas they should be aware of the problem. A phone lines set up at the park has taken more than a thousand calls of concern the last two days but could Yosemite have done more. A new report says state health officials told Rangers in 2007. And again in 2010. To be proactive and educating visitors on deer mice and hanta virus that report says Yosemite only recently reached out -- that information. But spokesperson Kari Cobb disputes that charge. We have had pamphlets and other information sent out for visitors wasn't necessarily something that we are pushing on visitors it wasn't something we had posted everywhere. But those pressures have always been available. The people moved out of these cabins have found other space at Yosemite. Park says they've had more than a handful of cancellations. Since the news of a second death came out. The retrofitting of these cabins we'll take several weeks than testing takes place after about. To make sure the deer mice problem at Yosemite has been taken care of at Yosemite National Park Tim -- missed him.

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{"id":17125437,"title":"Hantavirus Threat Lingers at Yosemite Park","duration":"3:00","description":"Two park-goers died after being exposed to the airborne disease.","url":"/Health/video/hantavirus-threat-lingers-at-yosemite-national-park-17125437","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}