Health Benefits of Kale

Cynthia Sass on the many benefits and uses of kale.
5:38 | 12/13/11

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Transcript for Health Benefits of Kale
-- has long been dismissed as simply a restaurant garnished to be left on the plate but this leafy Green has been making headlines recently as the new -- -- And one of the hottest vegetables of the year. Here to tell us more about KL nutritional benefits. And how to added to your diet is our resident food coats and registered dietitian Cynthia that's I think they've been let me -- you thank you. Hell we are certainly hearing a lot about the festival these days for -- exactly what -- it. Okay so it descends from wild cabbage. Which originated originated in Asia minor it's really known for its popularity in Scandinavia. Germany holly and Scotland even. It was brought over -- United States in the seventeenth century by English settlers and really primarily kind of thrived in the south. And staying out and now we're hearing how nutritious than it how wonderful it is talk about. All of -- nutritional property so it's -- in the limelight I think for three reasons first is its nutritional values when you look at overall nutrition and antioxidants -- calorie. There's almost no food that comes close to -- I needed it truly is a super food. And it's very rich and perhaps even broccoli could well at a gas rally Saturday -- -- -- -- well. And also we have our top two killers -- -- heart disease and cancer -- has been shown -- -- them so one thing that it has its natural substances. That's specifically go to work to protect those little bends in branches in our. In our blood vessels. That tend to be the places that are most prone to the buildup of plaques an inflammation and which could later time through domino fact trigger heart a heart attack or stroke and so that's very -- protective and then they also contained. Natural detoxify -- that have been shown to. And also stop any existing cancer cells in the body. From growing and spreading. -- -- pretty fun stuff right -- from and then another recent study found that having one and a half servings of dark Green leafy vegetables in your diet. Just adding that can cut your risk of type two diabetes by 14%. Wow so well according to add that cash and -- -- so we know about the nutritional value. Restaurant tourism shafts -- seem to be using and a lot lately and why are they. -- chest Levitt because first -- very easy to grow he's grown year round in a lot of parts of the country. -- grows in warm climates but also loves cold weather. And it can withstand frost. Can growing snow -- and when it's -- cold -- it actually makes the leaves much sweeter. So we -- New York love that. I don't panic doesn't at all and it's when you compare -- some the other dark mean Green leafy vegetables its last -- and hasn't more sweet flavor and he and probably the most important reason that -- love -- it's extremely versatile. You can do a lot of things that -- Alex I think. The average person out there hoops season in the grocery story in what do -- average person -- about anything and passive frankly because it doesn't -- to be honest with you. It doesn't look like it's gonna taste on the right and you look -- it looks very nutritious but you sort of say well I just really don't know how to -- -- act. So can you give us some great tips on how to. Use this as a -- -- and that's the first thing is you can use it anyway that you would use -- and slightly to make a -- slot and you literally just take its tail -- -- up and then in Tulsa maybe with -- -- -- -- they need a rock hail yes I'm hale talked about relief sign. And then you can toss it with something like I've been a grad me like the blending in its and then you can serve as a cold vegetable side dish or as a bed for something like real sense. So you can do it coldly it's also fantastic hot I was I love that idea that so you can actually just take it out of print rinse it off chop it up. And throw it into vinegar -- and eat that's it that's that -- But when -- -- hey it's so here we have one pitch and he's really great especially if you're if you really dislike bitter and it's not as bitter some -- the other leafy greens but if you dislike better. You can cook it with. For it -- apples and cabbage you can do -- apple but here we have it would sound Mandarin oranges and some sliced -- moral wrong this is is its tail chopped up -- -- -- and a little extra virgin olive oil with roasted garlic and a little that it chili flakes and there. And then put some of the fruit and there -- it went eater you know something -- placed on and so are you -- even do pine nuts. Integrate hot side -- and I'll probably like you could replace it with a thought they'd spend it simply yes -- exactly. Then it's so good in -- This is actually sweet potato soup with KL I love it in -- beans soup. -- at when you're making this suit just chop it up at it right in there it's also a pretty hardy theory of Atlanta at first at all you can just drop it right and -- -- paint and then finally very popular -- in health food stores are KL tips so you can buy these creamy celts -- become -- all sorts of different -- that's what in the very unique things about -- -- you can -- it. And it will turn into a crispy crunchy yeah tell our viewers have we have those the other day they are tastier than -- they are -- healthy and delicious. Kind of like -- champ -- and you can make yourself if you're up for the challenge all you do -- you take the -- leaves you just watch them and pat them dry but the -- cookie sheet. You can mist it with some extra virgin olive oil or some herb infused oil he wants more flavor. But any evidence 350 degrees for about ten minutes and you won't come out Chris Lawrence steam we will have all the flavor nutritional value it Cynthia -- thank you so much for bringing -- into our lives -- I -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"Cynthia Sass on the many benefits and uses of kale.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15142346","title":"Health Benefits of Kale","url":"/Health/video/health-benefits-kale-15142346"}