Healthier Options for Halloween

Keri Glassman on making better candy choices on Halloween.
4:42 | 11/01/11

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Transcript for Healthier Options for Halloween
As he answered the door for tonight's triggered -- he may be tempted to try if you treat yourself. But remember those fun size candy treats can add up. Here with some healthier Halloween options as registered dietitian Keri Clint Terry great to see and it seemed happy Halloween -- to put them on holiday and we certainly. Want to indulge a little -- it is it's on holiday and it's -- one day. And it is one holiday that is all about candy so we can indulge in a conscious manner right latest on the holiday drag on for a week and a few weeks some months after the -- yeah. So it's all about making conscious choices and some of the choices. Are better than at exactly -- parts of the hand better choices and they're not always what we would necessarily. Think. For example let's take a look at. Tricks people might think that. This -- -- isn't that the Karen -- -- They might be the worst option compared something like a Charleston to -- -- in each hostages so -- Charleston -- -- compared to. Mini two -- actually -- -- are going to be the better choice as your calories so you can have three many -- -- Four one and one small box of the need any Charleston to use interesting and we definitely a little less -- -- people think that got chocolate and a house accuses just marshmallow. So the point really there is just read the labels a little bit are just again if you don't want to get into reading the labels and warning too much. Choose 12 or at most. Three nannies and be done and then of course you got your good implant these verses or raise and that's which is interesting as well exactly because people often think -- cape race and it's there's reasons they're -- -- be the better option they're healthy while there is. Reasons -- never let an antioxidant label on the front of that reason that box. Fool you they're still going to be more calories than the same size package of the good and plenty -- also -- -- eight grams of fat cell again. Take note and also indulged him to -- we -- -- intelligent actually that the biggest point here. Don't eat around her craving if you really love the good implant -- are you really love the twits or the butter finger. She used the one are two -- again at most three. That you immediately in Chile that it is satisfied that advice don't allow the cravings you're gonna end up historically accurate and I -- I -- had -- -- any I think got in and then you're gonna go headfirst into that plastic pumpkin a Pulitzer and that's right -- just figured out to -- given up to that. When you're looking at chocolate remember that dark chocolate is actually. You know it's a better choice and it can meet someone you even exactly dark -- that's health benefits now we know -- you want -- 70%. Cocoa and we want real chocolate on Halloween not necessarily -- always fine but there are some options. For example to Hershey's dark chocolate in some cases are going to be forty calories so easy it's controlled calories. If you really enjoy that and you can -- yourself there. A good option. Peppermint patty 150 calories Larry satisfying -- -- I don't amazingly you can bet that fifty calories that let that night and an assistant being aware yeah -- I want them to have one of these and then you have one other -- I like. Be aware how healthy dinner before you go out to -- your trick or treating so you're satisfied you're not starving. And again honey and tonight what about though when your kids come home with all of this -- -- -- so proud of dollar candy that they collected differently don't want them to eat all of it. How do you address that what I usually say is. At the end of the night happened to -- three to five at most six pieces. And then for the rest you know the next few nights and around happened have one piece as a -- in the big -- and having -- -- present I'll let you know mom or dad -- -- -- he went right when the night. But then take the rest of the candy and you can donating your local fire or police station and you can send it overseas. You -- -- so I left Disney art project out of it couldn't happen later -- some fun with it. But at least they're you know not continuing to indulge in it for the next you know month exactly right into Thanksgiving and -- holiday and certainly your own bowl of leftover candy get rid of that -- don't -- -- first yeah yeah we have back completely black and output and a pantry at summit that's what I do -- -- years it just goes into the pantry which means. We're gonna -- at an and the kids now they. Exactly happened -- at you know 36 pieces have a street. After a healthy dinner for the next few nights in -- -- so that they know -- enjoyed the holiday its portion penciled. And it's not dragging on they're not completely over consuming and I adjustment fund that let them selling donated or make the project Nixon passed on with it that's graded by Keri Glassman thank you -- -- -- them.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"Keri Glassman on making better candy choices on Halloween.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"14854663","title":"Healthier Options for Halloween","url":"/Health/video/healthier-options-halloween-14854663"}