The Healthy Eating Guide

Jared Koch, Founder of Clean Plates, shares the easy way to eat healthy.
3:57 | 03/07/12

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Transcript for The Healthy Eating Guide
Gluten free macro by -- -- began there's a lot of concerns that we have about what were eating and where -- coming from. It can be a bit of a dilemma we're trying to find restaurants that can meet all of those -- while. Or -- Bruschi in Brooklyn. To talk about a solution it's called clean plate that we'll help you find delicious and nutritious meals. When your out about. Gary Koch is the founder of clean plates and what -- going play. So essentially the mission of the companies to really does make it easier for people to eat healthier more sustainably whatever they're kind of dietary preferences. And it basically we have a book -- website and an overlap in the front of the book there's a lot of great advice and information on -- out there and then essentially it's a guide. He's healthy and sustainable restaurants that cover kind of always healthy eating and this would just launch -- LA a couple of weeks ago -- we you square in Manhattan and Brooklyn. And so this is really one of a kind thing because he added we're talking there really isn't a comprehensive I think it's all of those category. Right we cover everything from you know kind of people that eat meat -- -- and he needs that are free of -- and antibiotics preferably like -- spent from small local arm. Cover places that he is in -- locally grown and art are getting pregnant so it very farm to table. Doesn't cover places that are vegetarians it's -- in is raw food people looking for gluten free naturally sweet desserts seem really around Canada and yes we really -- all of Americans and -- the local city. I'm a little bit about the criteria because it in his restaurant we actually -- people that are calling places and obviously asking questions like where they sourcing from a confluence -- we. People that are actually looking at menus researching the menus. And then places that actually do meet our criteria we sent food critics -- -- and -- we actually once once we decide that we want to include a restaurant actually adults surveyed the -- and that we actually -- exactly this sort of thing from getting this stuff around. So one of the places you have listed in the Brooklyn guy is breezy with where we're at today -- benefit -- So what we do we really love places that are just kind of typical restaurant that you go into great food -- -- necessarily knows that there actually healthier and neighbors is one of those places not only do they have great illusions that it would do great jobs or things they got a lot of stuff from. Lancaster cop army -- pastor is animals they -- there. On hospice -- -- organic eggs from Lancaster farming on -- organic flowers and they just they have. Great menu selection is a lot greatly locally grown vegetables and other dishes and so overall the disease -- really good high quality pre -- Talking about bank. Bearing in mind what do we have here so we have them handmade -- OK it is made with organic eggs then this sweet potatoes and there. Homemade pickled cherry is which is great it's just a little bit of cheese and there's some spices in there Richard great to any issue -- a lot of health benefits. And then we have aside account there and what it there's some homemade preserves Landon there's some garlic and some olive oil if they decide today. This is really. -- Rock and not a big -- and that's like an acquired taste but that's the planet where it is and that's very good very. Securitized thank you so much clean slate and also -- -- Yes -- I've never had like this. And -- thank you thank you.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Jared Koch, Founder of Clean Plates, shares the easy way to eat healthy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15868919","title":"The Healthy Eating Guide","url":"/Health/video/healthy-eating-guide-15868919"}