Healthy Holiday Eating

Tosca Reno shares tips from her new book, "Just the Rules."
5:10 | 11/22/11

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Transcript for Healthy Holiday Eating
We're all pressed for time during the holidays and with parties around every corner were often tempted -- binging on less than ideal food. But all is not lost we have some tips to help you navigate this holiday season. Without busting the zipper on your cocktail dress or party pants. Joining us now is Tosca Reno creator of the eat clean diet she's gonna share some great tips from her new book just the rules that's great to see here is thanks so much for coming I think setting talking about the holidays. A lot of fun but people -- stressed about their diet -- over the holiday. It didn't say -- it's easy to go off the rails because at every turn there's temptation. Hands not only that. How do you turn off the temptation. And then you're being exposed -- -- -- with so many people's how would keep healthy. And while you're gonna -- -- I love the fact we're starting with temptation is clearly not right there Larry I love this because you know what. You say it's the holidays -- than a tree is -- -- -- Yourself well I think the idea is how to treat outlets to treat but then don't over and -- under -- little there nonetheless asked them. I think as. Holiday treat acknowledge it and then don't give yourself permission to go crazy -- -- rails as the -- are flying. But get back on track the next day to don't try to say I'm not have any -- I'm not gonna have ridiculous and I -- hard and everybody wants to try to cities but at the same time. Remember that the color Green is not just go to -- mystery -- right. What a -- about the -- is. When the body is nutritionally satisfied. From -- from nutrients from enzymes vitamins and so on. -- couldn't be tempted to go. Indulge in the cravings you even get the cravings -- full. So this particular drink oh my gosh it's got everything but the kitchen sink -- There is pineapple to get at the sweetness you wonderful tourist hair is look at that tear that house. Kale spinach parsley. -- single engine journal and let's get it -- yeah. It's deliberate I can't even a little bit of out of Condo about yes it is amazing continued those healthy fats in their two -- the greens will keep us healthy. On track. Not indulging too much in the servers which are minimally. As you said made us feel so -- what action in the -- And -- that's -- that's a meal in itself his recipes are all from the -- diet books and the newest -- -- the rules which is. Really it's my Christmas present to everyone -- the holiday gift it's a hundred dollars offer little but exactly -- great little gift. And a perfect reminder how to keep on track -- the holidays and -- every meal we should be mindful that every meal sort of follows this equation you have a little mathematics. Mathematical equation so Nicholas L and why is that oversaw the carbohydrate comes from greens from fruit and vegetables. That's for you really want to focus on we -- worried about carbohydrate like bread and grains and starches now. Go with the greens and veggies and then partner with something like the lean Turkey we're gonna do a lot of Turkey over Thanksgiving. So. Keep that in mind because what happens here if you partner lean protein complex cards. The blood sugar levels stay nice and steady. And it's just a fun little rule we have so many of these -- the rules that are easily remember and easy and fun and that's what I wanted for the book and that big bowl cranberries that's okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Comment I hate how lovely antioxidants and that's great and I let me also -- -- fat can be our friend don't shy away from the right honestly. Keeping the fat. In the diet is important it's just knowing what the healthy ones are so avocados wonderful we have pumped an oil -- coconut oil. Some of these are ideal because they keep your content -- hunger sort of satisfied -- does that forced it moderates the effect of sugar in the blood. So that's ideal -- so don't just don't be afraid of fact. Consume it but don't go crazy either right avocado -- that welcome London that and that's -- -- -- diet stripped who once -- all these rules and just. These rules are just -- -- yet. And up and quick look at that -- what what are you going to tell us that Al ha that's exactly right we -- This is just seltzer it looks festive -- We're getting around it right and just sort of fake it may I haven't. I guess what -- -- pregnant all the time you thought about it right you have to know. So a little bit of cells and look fruit and -- this this is really -- nice way to get around if you don't want Patrick -- are gonna have a drink. Red -- is great because it has. -- -- spare -- has nutrients in -- you can sort of -- -- a little bit yes I'm doing something good for myself but I'm having a little drink too polluted planet to watch what we should moderated and you know one or two glasses talks but here's the thing. Pictures that you're hydrating yourself at the same time -- become a two fisted drinker right in the one hand you've got your -- -- beverage the other you've got your water okay. And I also love if you want something it's on like on the proxy can have the Chopin potato based podcast. Just -- the rock's lawsuit crazy. Tell us really know thinking so improbably clear hunting trip than happy holiday -- needs.

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{"id":15010470,"title":"Healthy Holiday Eating","duration":"5:10","description":"Tosca Reno shares tips from her new book, \"Just the Rules.\"","url":"/Health/video/healthy-holiday-eating-15010470","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}