Healthy Holiday Sides

Tanya Zuckerbrot shows some figure-friendly side dishes.
3:37 | 11/23/11

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Transcript for Healthy Holiday Sides
Hi I'm Chinese as a -- have registered dietitian and made at the at after diet. And highly many of us that way about eating at fifty pounds but it's definitely the way at a high in -- city -- all the way back. Now side -- are still like any other actually my favorite I think he's in the traditional -- to eat and plastic items back. So let's Begin with cranberry sauce. Did you panic not only contains ingredients and I want and can't act on that care about Watson threatening with 400 calorie. -- I've taken -- traditional cranberry fine and dandy mine and -- not. Fat Albert's sex act on it explicitly about what that cell hiding maker -- just look I -- -- -- -- the same -- that it is not -- not Begin that. You take a couple -- act. -- -- And and you -- cake and not meet this week replacing chayet I would not -- casino stays over 600 calories. And -- get -- and -- An ingredient and that it -- have exists -- captain Richard Sobel. -- and a cook the campaign over high heat. I'm having all the things and -- -- carefree -- -- them. So after around five minute this thought has -- yeah -- could -- -- this glorious color. Traffic at a -- snapping me my cranberries this is where you at the secret ingredient Barry. Salt -- is -- together. -- an eccentric snowfall. Snap and -- -- refrigerator to kill frank Allen. In that time that -- -- also set up. And here you go yeah. A finished product -- cranberry sauce base station contained only a 140. Calories. That's fifteen grand -- belly -- -- We're gonna show you -- snakes and happier turn it is to those second inside it is that every outing me out. Eight -- wicket -- that hate us now having -- complete without that creamy side -- but. A typical serving -- -- he has racked up almost 400 calories and while fans of fat that's practically Hackett -- that you need friends hired an act. Instead that an -- week mashed potatoes this -- -- -- CCI and two grams of had I do it well. Slot that regular potatoes for -- and to give it actively back at added it can't have left pineapple a little bit Manila but a little bit some -- -- And to give it that plenty happy -- taken some heat content. And Nixon and -- in -- and some -- that. For mark -- -- make my high fiber stopping. Nothing contain over 600 calories and said he plans a fat. Quite so high well it comes down to traditional media such as farm rent buses and -- the preparation. Many people of suspect Turkey the witness -- -- and -- there's -- -- often contain all the fat on the drag. I'm much healthier alternative would not just cuts back on in this book what else is but that -- actually make -- on this night the way that we -- here. So -- I might have its traditional holiday -- Plus and flock out like that couple weeks back and art it's about what does that make up also added -- that's like -- -- onions and mushrooms. Also at apple which not only added -- -- -- -- there ought to get -- PF five includes. With all the -- savings in the east side dishes you'll have plenty of -- for seconds this -- he's on time is up the fat and happy holidays.

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{"id":15018998,"title":"Healthy Holiday Sides","duration":"3:37","description":"Tanya Zuckerbrot shows some figure-friendly side dishes.","url":"/Health/video/healthy-holiday-sides-15018998","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}