Healthy Holiday Treats

Heather Christo's favorite healthy holiday recipes.
4:53 | 12/09/11

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Transcript for Healthy Holiday Treats
The game. And he. And I. -- time. Oh yeah. The holiday season is here that means plenty of great park is great that ring. Sleep lately and nightmare railway line and it doesn't happen in that game part yet -- -- his -- an entertaining expert. It's human all under control -- haven't yet to you use you don't. That's right snacking and -- right yeah holidays. And some idea as to lighten things that that's happening now instead it makes cocktail that that turned night on every hockey -- holiday parties I'm going for homemade snack and beautiful I love that fat cattle aren't we got a durable and delicious -- -- -- Packers and you get pennies there's. He's storage every nine minutes and also got -- -- theories and yes pretty colors and an optional reason it's that I always opt for that yeah Arizona on me. Stocky he's willing and anxious and catch up all the way all the signs and and some beautiful black sesame seeds. And when you mix -- all you have this very fact -- pretty. And snack mix like salt east meets bites me it's that I am guessing a lot less -- out yet all 599. For eighteen banks have a mattress 169. X happens it. Match back. Yeah I didn't -- next. Man as opposed to standing -- -- about a hundred calories counts. It was like a very crash flight to relations scenes -- -- -- a lot better to me anyway. De -- got some fresh cut wild CNN and an act opera. -- how does that cross -- it is -- vehemently. However this lions used -- sense here is -- to completely -- and I. And then we -- how genius of Montreal reliever. And -- at sesame -- And -- -- for earning spending and mix at all accurate it's very pricey. -- -- -- Like and really pretty right is only 47 calories and now it's really. And arrogant and he -- on one rice crackers and we got it love it love it. That is instead of me instead artists art at Stanford as I am now and -- -- -- between 30500. Calories. Per serving -- -- channel sampling that series at 79 calories. We've got the big difference wow I'm really using X seems -- -- -- -- that Nina Easton with just a little bit of low fat. Cream cheese and goat cheese cookies again appearing in the you hear it all together and processor or blender and listening screenings and -- would be in the -- and it's delicious. Packers are paying above we try these -- It's very similar in texture to an art show them -- listen. -- literally and next season is usually even another area -- it yeah. And it. 218. Calories each -- one battered communities regardless I have seen it coming on that -- and a soccer but -- -- -- -- worrying. That I need you know so easy seventeen calories each and you -- -- -- and -- A little powdered sugar and stun gun powder campaign's -- has cracked up. I just -- -- and he's grown in the and few hours on 200 degrees. And -- tricks. Usually average holiday party and have almost 400 calories and not repeat -- -- -- -- -- giant country. Cranberry. Orange -- news. Many meet these ice cubes that just water and every -- I add cinnamon sticks but despite. And then -- -- Thank you want to -- non -- pages used Apple's later. And is this gorgeous -- knocked out in the long our pictures and pages and cinnamon apple. A little yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I used later on Saturday. And again we have a little rolling out -- -- right here a happy holiday the latest news.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"Heather Christo's favorite healthy holiday recipes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15124694","title":"Healthy Holiday Treats","url":"/Health/video/healthy-holiday-treats-15124694"}