Healthy is the New Skinny

Plus-size model Katie Halchishick on her campaign to build a better body image.
5:33 | 01/19/12

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Transcript for Healthy is the New Skinny
When we were -- there. Everything was imbalance like we didn't -- -- what he age he had fun and you're just happy we weren't aware of how things are on with us. And so it really works you sign -- again and myself and help other girls I'm not because it's -- there. And it's just a matter of not -- people take it from him. I went into an open call that an agency in. And it really know much about. Isn't perfect -- -- so -- Thanks a lot of stuff with deemed totally -- Scotland and does it -- model. And then they -- you could gain a lot of it away without help because you know they -- like size fourteens F sixteens. And so because the freshman in college that Alley cat and in two months in Atlanta I'm -- definitely. How big investments funny. And I went back and the agency and I like I'm and I -- amazing. -- at the moment we're gonna feel not -- very. The most about -- work whereas -- my biggest eye's view mink. A great living. And so that's it's really hard for girls I think because they have -- set standards so if you aren't straight size and they say your heads need to be this measurement. You look at them out of money that you're making or you could make ends. So he justify whatever you have to videotaped maintain -- When you're in the man you are you -- say six or eight. Sometimes like a four of six can even be today. So 68 -- captive where fat -- and padding and things like that because here today facts straight guys and then you're too small for. Traditional -- that is no man's land is what we call I had. When -- that my boyfriend's. -- of that personal trainer and -- like you know really one of the healthy at all I don't feel good. At this size and says he taught me how to -- you had to be healthy and live healthier -- not diet necessarily and -- us. Fifty pounds from bath and -- I would from a size fourteen down to USA six. And I was making six figures and then tell us -- my clients. As I started to talk -- Why I was getting so mad because it's frustrating. A lot of girls and there is nowhere -- go. So and that's why it made me start -- -- model management and that's alleyway wanted to build as a place -- models do like I'm not gonna choose. This over my house and who would like to see is he starts work with companies that one is a variety of models as far as size goes. I think women want to -- bad things. -- apartments that needs to see that and so that's where we're looking to take it. But we've -- having gotten area resort and all of us I could just be take -- to the when enough I would have this opportunity and you're never gonna win -- that mentality has never been enough and I think the fact that she's at -- Example of that continues to get smile and smile and smaller. So where we came from -- today -- what do we shifted that mentality Tuesday is that it. I want to be skinny to out of the healthy and that we're taking -- different Ecstasy can still be beautifully is that -- glamorous but don't harm yourself. In the pursuit of beauty. Credit and -- affected is the school program that's -- nonprofit. And we're really working out how healthy relationships with. To treat each other differently there's the -- mean -- mentality. And also like really ties into bullying in schools because the number one cause -- that is looks at the scene. And that strictly related to -- body image that we really -- and the root of the problem. To say hey if you are feeling good about who you you're not really focused making other people feel terrible thing -- kind of like. We're just trying to bring something that's different that's because relate to what had happened and that makes a difference -- and the school. -- -- it's all about becoming a better version of yourself so they're not how good body image if you don't work to treat your body right. But if you don't work for something you don't value so -- healthy working out eating all the things are not to attain its size but. To feel good about the -- -- threatening him. And so I think that the main message is to have a balance between your physical -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"5:33","description":"Plus-size model Katie Halchishick on her campaign to build a better body image.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15397346","title":"Healthy is the New Skinny","url":"/Health/video/healthy-skinny-15397346"}