Healthy Soups and Stews

Shira Bocar on hearty options that are also good for you.
4:27 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for Healthy Soups and Stews
-- those cold winter months that nothing better than they. Heart healthy soon let's do it has seen. -- living magazine put together the recipes that. -- -- -- We'll not only provide written. Nutritional value and -- Winter's chill. Won't hurt your waistline deputy news editor here -- art it's here to tell -- think some day. More about teachers students and students in mind and -- into Simpson's dues are so comforting me just that. Act cooking them in this -- -- eating them it's warm your -- but it's also meet weekly wages again. Stuart daily recommended vitamins minerals and vegetables and proteins -- Not use a tremendous -- fat we're gonna meet a white -- hits in NATO and mushrooms you. And you start this right now with just little bit of olive oil. And it threatens my aromatic -- to some really classic Clinton. Chopped onions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Please let back. Summer you want to -- everything it's nice and tender. And at a much. -- -- -- -- -- -- instruments of so many compounds that you know these -- are just now starting to get to Bob. But -- -- -- not an oxidant that -- this community -- these meetings are really aren't happy with what what passionate beautiful. -- that. It was great. This. They used this. And this is just process -- -- -- -- He's recanted when they're at the height of -- fleet. In the next few cups cooked right in Cincinnati's -- if you if you cook your own dentist. -- -- -- It's a little bit more water. And our relatives we're gonna let it simmer for about fifteen minutes -- -- like -- look slightly away. We'll update you must -- an ester. C it's ready for us. -- roasted red peppers. Each -- pepper contains three times the amount of vitamins. Please something very impressed that the two men is not by the city's fashionable than this season and then -- I made it profits you can saute garlic. That was sent products at a summer for about ten minutes together and I treated in the -- and again it's wintertime containers aren't. Wonderful wonderful -- I substitute status -- -- citizens a couple could -- want to get in line is this her Green. Everybody's loving every now one of the great things that he once that it is deep curtsy. -- you're looking forward. Quality protein in -- for the -- balanced meal making. You're absolutely I have one avocados but I diced ham and tropical this -- it's one of those great company fat this is about half of that small -- -- -- -- -- So I -- have you. It really doesn't see you. Now. -- gonna do you kids. It's been a little bit and us have our songs such as written about -- Then you're -- finally -- is -- is not a very. Check and he was so much these -- -- fantastic where we find more. What I have to do is go to our website -- -- dot com. The whole company C section set up. What often isn't much.

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{"id":15208842,"title":"Healthy Soups and Stews","duration":"4:27","description":"Shira Bocar on hearty options that are also good for you.","url":"/Health/video/healthy-soups-stews-15208842","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}