Healthy Treats for Kids

Heather Christo shares her favorite healthy party snacks.
2:34 | 03/08/12

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Transcript for Healthy Treats for Kids
Hi I'm Heather Christos -- an entertaining expert and minute taxi about -- -- healthier children's birthday party. Because let's face that there is nothing worse big kids going out and getting all crazy sugar high. -- I have a bunch of recipes and tricks here to get your kids eating some healthy snacks. -- are also nutritionist before they -- into the cake and ice cream. Prices -- a selection of fruits. Slot at nine. Kind YouTube blueberries and grapes -- any selection of proof will really do nicely then they're gonna get a mention vitamins and nutrients pets. And -- really will help you to feel call before you adults. Kind of -- classic combination. Just shrunken syndicates find it more excitement they can did they can sit anyone even -- that -- had an entire serving of vegetables here. I dissect the minute voted holder and we've got some homemade red pepper how missing here that you could really use -- Kind of like homemade damper healthy debt this one with a chick -- -- -- of protein and fiber. Plus some press vaccines and these are great because there's no double dipping -- -- Popcorn which is just like the easiest most classic snack. I'm very very appreciated by children it easy for months may. Again full of fiber and now it'll help to absorb some of the -- they're gonna result in later. Instead of soda pop -- back from fresh raspberries and this is the -- To fit in here and then you just topic. But -- -- clean water soda water dependant. Not -- with this. He's got -- -- free soda. But -- kids pretty feeling about the kid from diet confuse you think that. I don't make -- change the recipes. You can -- lots more ahead they're pissed at -- time.

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{"id":15879587,"title":"Healthy Treats for Kids","duration":"2:34","description":"Heather Christo shares her favorite healthy party snacks.","url":"/Health/video/healthy-treats-kids-15879587","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}