Heart Attacks and Readmission Rates

Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum talks high readmission rates of heart attack patients.
2:43 | 01/04/12

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Transcript for Heart Attacks and Readmission Rates
An analysis in the journal of the American Medical Association has found that heart attack patients in the United States were more likely to be re admitted to the hospital. -- patients in other countries. Joining me now to explain -- doctor Suzanne Stein bomb cardiologist with Lenox Hill Hospital doctor Simon thanks so much for joining us in. He just break down exactly what the analysis found. This was a study that looked at over 5000. Patients in seventeen countries and it basically said. Who is at risk for readmission to the hospital after having a need to heart attack. And basically three risk factors pan out. If you had disease and multiple different arteries you had a two fold increase risk every mission. Also if they're both -- Hartley. Was elevated there was an increased risk. And believe it or not just coming from the United States there was a 768%. Increased risk of readmission. And how to factor that -- than just the way -- treat the patients are getting treated and you lesson in how of that particular part of it. Pan -- absolutely -- and is that any night. States about 60% of patients are discharge from the hospitals. -- to read these and lasts. And in most other countries the stay in the hospital was about six days or more. I -- so sometimes because of that they may not have been fully recuperated in the needed to be agreement. Now let me ask he's having this doesn't apply to all heart attack patient with a particular type of a heart attack -- we call this. EST segment elevation and my guess is a massive heart attack that really. Destroys -- kills off a huge portion of the heart. So these are the sickest patients these -- those. Who have a significant. Heart disease and a lot of heart damaged. So really being discharged from the hospital sooner rather than a little bit later might in fact be detrimental. So if you or a loved one has one of these heart attacks what is something that you can do to make sure they don't have to be readmitted. What we need to understand. Is that there needs to be coordination of care these patients are the sickest medication. Compliance without medication. Understanding how to take it. Knowing how to eat right also exercise cardiac we have. And having adequate follow up. Are some of the issues that really help us and taking care of these patients so if you -- somebody who has been in the hospital or a loved one in the hospital. Understand these variables. Play a big part -- whether or not that person's gonna be readmitted to the hospital right Suzanne thank you so much for office useful information our thanks for having.

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{"id":15289190,"title":"Heart Attacks and Readmission Rates","duration":"2:43","description":"Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum talks high readmission rates of heart attack patients.","url":"/Health/video/heart-attacks-high-readmission-rates-patients-america-dr-suzanne-steinbaum-health-15289190","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}