Helicopter Carrying Heart for Transplant Crashes

The chopper went down outside of Palatka, Fla., killing three people.
1:59 | 12/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Helicopter Carrying Heart for Transplant Crashes
Tragic new developments in the crash of that helicopter on an important medical mission the team was rushing to pick up -- dollar heart transplant. And that heart can no longer be used -- BC's Jessica Clark has the latest now from the crash site. Near -- to Florida. The helicopter crashed in these woods behind me this is part of a hunting club in the southern part of Clay County -- -- hope road. And investigators. Are coming in to -- out what happened here. This as you see behind me there's about ten acres that's been burned late Monday afternoon smoke still rose from the side where a helicopter crashed and the woods on fire and southern -- county. Removes it from -- -- Chris. On board the chopper three people -- pilot a doctor and a medical technician on their way from Jacksonville to Gainesville to pick up a heart -- heart transplant. Authorities -- around 6 in the morning there was a problem. All we knew there was a helicopter missing until about Oklahoma. And and a helicopter that located the wreckage in the woods back in the office -- Obama. From the road you cannot see the wreckage from the air it's hard to say too with those who -- about it that you could -- clipped a tree branch that you can. You can see some trees of -- Cut the privilege the rotor -- The crash site was difficult for emergency personnel to locate and access because it's what it but local hunters knew something major was under way they had never seen so much trash. Again -- -- our headed towards our patents and he said that as he got word that the plane part helicopter that went down here Ivorians. And -- Dirt roads in the middle of the woods -- Terrell creek hunt -- an area where three people died while trying to save another person's life in the mission. To pick up on. Federal investigators are expected to come through the signs to Begin the investigation. And southern -- canning Jessica Clark ABC news.

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{"id":15240120,"title":"Helicopter Carrying Heart for Transplant Crashes","duration":"1:59","description":"The chopper went down outside of Palatka, Fla., killing three people.","url":"/Health/video/helicopter-carrying-heart-transplant-crashes-15240120","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}