Holiday Overeating 101

Dr. Steven Lamm shares tips to survive holiday feasts.
5:12 | 11/16/11

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Transcript for Holiday Overeating 101
The holiday season is upon us and tis the season to over -- Despite our best attempts to avoid doing so let's be honest there is a high likelihood that we might find ourselves -- But don't despair doctor Steven -- clinical professor of internal medicine at the NYU medical school is here to give us the skinny on holiday over heating and the ways to help your stomach -- And avoid that a week later in the evening doctor -- thanks so much for being here at a bit about the holidays we just can't seem to put that fork did -- on when it tastes so -- -- You know who does not really uses a nutrient today -- for pleasure and as part of family it's how we -- with each other how we socialize and -- who just. Part of that's part of the whole deal that you say one comment thing that people do which is to save space for the big -- Is not a good idea right another team are you going to -- -- restaurant you going to your family for big Turkey dinner or something. And so you figure -- -- be over eating someone -- all day not a good idea your body has to be prepared for that digest -- exercise. And so by not eating at all -- storm being in. The minute they bring you the red and they bring the -- is your -- and I'll probably somebody recommend a few small meals early Friday at one try to maintain saints got to know how to small breakfast and lunch you -- you don't have to. You know have a -- large -- but have a small meal. When you go to start to have dinner -- just -- yourself believe it's something as simple as a little ginger a little honey a little lemon. Maybe even some hot -- I know Americans generally don't do that Asians do with it really prepares to digest the track. And you -- to enjoy your meal so much more. So you probable recipe here that can help us stoke digestion but walk us through -- -- few -- won't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And the navy probably bit of ginger which has been well known for its. Perot digest -- property -- -- intangible on the eleventh just get yourself ready. And then sit down and mentally understand that you you have to eat slowly because if you -- quickly you're you're swallowing so much -- -- you wonder why your bloated and the foods themselves are problem right there they're almost not not adjustable anymore I mean because -- how -- process. But if you do with slowly your body's got a chance maybe even you know I love these digestive enzymes that telling you -- about the and that do you eat them before the meal out chameleon when. Happens is that you know if the food could be digested easily you know the of the war foods and and and fruits and vegetables which actually have enzymes in them if they're less censored but for the food that we -- for here. The body kind of loses its ability to break them down -- they can be absorbed. The digested and -- I mean values in this part of my regular right regiment are having lunch -- dinner. So good though about hot water that's different than a profit I think -- really took it very good question I mean you know there's not a lot of signs but there's a lot of of clinical -- evidence that. Hot water hot water with -- You know helps the digest -- cold water some people think kind of helps. A -- defied the fat which is kind of a little dangerous when you think about it and Americans are used to drinking cold with their with their meals. Asians you know are used to drinking hot I think the Green tea is a better idea way to go to hell when it comes to dessert -- -- not if it's the holidays. We don't want it mean anybody it's a great -- -- -- -- Food is now -- nutrient with a great pleasure in a small amount of of some of the desert refinement if you can overdo it. You're going to give a lot of people haven't now digestion. Of carbohydrates. -- -- And you're going to get blow did and gash us. And if you want to be you know less comfortable than than due without right but if you add some of these pancreatic enzymes if you yielded mostly because take a bite because the body will enjoy it you know he's in -- that -- this to delay. -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- got to give -- was signaled that it's over direct heat so quickly -- that you don't have to -- absolutely it's so. What is your best advice then for after the -- -- -- you're done yours right. -- -- -- -- -- For here with some -- to injure or what you eat you use your enzyme Q chew your food slowly have a conversation with the Chinese Government at Harvard and then -- And you have to you -- has lied down you've got to walk around I'm not saying you should go -- -- marathon. But if you walk you'll continue the process of -- -- Consider these. Today after a big meal -- -- I didn't. Probably a good idea happy meal and -- Sir how do not go to sleep right after a big meal I mean it's just not. It principal you'll get -- -- to get the -- of coming back up and that's why a 100000 people go to the pharmacies and buy you know the purple. -- everything -- right and what happened next -- don't beat yourself up if you've had. -- -- -- -- I cannot get a gained twenty pounds in one night you know what I mean. The likelihood is the next say the body will reassess -- that would -- a bit of extra fluid movement more liquid -- bit more about hot stuff I was telling you back. They -- keep the cards down a little bit you know. Because I think calls are more easily a stimulant to keep -- and get back at your exercise routine sounds great doctor -- thank you so much pleasure.

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{"id":14967697,"title":"Holiday Overeating 101","duration":"5:12","description":"Dr. Steven Lamm shares tips to survive holiday feasts.","url":"/Health/video/holiday-overeating-101-14967697","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}