Holiday Workout

Wendy Ida shares her holiday exercises.
5:48 | 12/07/11

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Transcript for Holiday Workout
During the holiday season it's so easy to indulge with all the sweets and treats around about finding the timing or the inclination to get to -- him can be trickier. But working out doesn't necessarily mean going to -- -- here with her tips on working out at home. Is Wendy. -- take back your life Wendy it's a great to have you here thanks so much for being here thank you -- that it and what about this time of the year that makes it particularly difficult for people to maintain their fitness routines or Begin one if they want to. Well. Of course it's the holiday food -- year. Everybody and everything -- so big and there's a lot of -- going on yes that though so we try our best but we get caught up in the holiday. Well it's great to hear that you don't have to you know get a big -- -- time out of your day. To get up and go to the -- you can do some things right at home that will help tremendously. Yes you can then there's so many things you can do at home and don't need to go to -- him. And we gonna show you love how you can get into that hot hot -- -- -- Leavitt Leavitt Leavitt Leavitt Leavitt. Let's -- your first exercise which is. That's right yes yes yeah. So the first thing is we want to get those arms in shape because we look at your windows arms -- -- so we'd like to give the old spaghetti strapped. Dresses on and we -- -- -- good we want to look pumps. And the first thing you do. Want to demonstrate that I'd -- OK so the first thing you can do is push ups. You can do pushups. Depending on your level you can do them on the. Mall on a table or on the floor how does the table -- here and let's go. Right here when you start with you push -- Do -- singles ads in. Down enough you can even lift one lay wow you know you're even do it he won. And I didn't try to here's what has angle feels like because I've never done pushups at an angle excess. The right. Keeping it has tight. You got now is there and doing it at this angle is -- working slightly differently than getting them on the floor. It's little harder got hit -- it isn't really is an angle it's even harder on the floor. And for someone who is not really good it push -- at all you can just lean on -- law in push up. That we'll start you and they you can go to I love something for -- -- Internet sex as it targets the quarter right -- sold the same way we still would push ups push its doesn't do. Core work for you just by holding this. And what you want to do is bring up that -- bring it ended. Keep those arms bill that smooth slightly and bring -- out bring it in. And when you go out it really works the -- that much more -- let's try it let's check ethics -- I'm gonna bring my N -- street keep in this OK and Breeden and bring in bring it out. And -- it and so you want to bring it out and bring -- out here. -- And squeezing. In so this is working not only -- core. But is still working -- arms or shoulders well yeah that you definitely feel. I -- it right there again where people is holding might not used to or can't do than just hold it right there. And that's and that -- it will all work this -- and then when you build up and get more advanced than you can go that route that tactic and what an expected. -- So the next thing you can do is. Let's use the snow that's gonna -- and not this is a resistant. Right resistance and -- -- -- arms. And four year ban slightly across. But let's Criss cross it right here you -- bend a -- at the waist. -- slightly bent -- you and bring up. Now -- -- -- how much resistance does this thing have. This is a little -- year pregnant you can make it more resistant if you go why certain so you can do it anyway you want. Bringing -- up and all the exercises you're showing us how often are we supposed to do them. You can do it three times a week. You can do to ten to fifteen -- -- was sorry 1015 reps. Two to three cents OK and you'll see results and you can see resolved that's great so when you come here. You can go right into curls. Combination -- -- Really -- -- uninsured get everything in before we ran out of time -- -- Brad jump rope to camp yes we did. So. What you can do is. Right between your -- sign this. He's just aren't -- let's say and -- -- jump from my -- I don't know he -- -- -- -- or you can just go here if you don't have a job growth. Me just I haven't been -- time that dumped -- prep. You. Wouldn't last thing -- did it quickly epic really equipment. -- some -- right here. -- And reach up on our -- about six. When he should thank you so much -- -- -- we can keep working out as -- -- -- yeah and then a lot more in my book. Great -- can -- its push. It includes.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"Wendy Ida shares her holiday exercises.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15107577","title":"Holiday Workout","url":"/Health/video/holiday-workout-15107577"}