How to Keep Your Home Safe and Avoid a Holiday Decoration Disaster

ABC News' Janet Weinstein reports from Rockville, Maryland.
7:48 | 12/07/15

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Transcript for How to Keep Your Home Safe and Avoid a Holiday Decoration Disaster
Christmas tree fires are not common. But when they do occur they are much more likely to be deadly. One of every 31. Reported home Christmas tree fires results in a fire death. As compared to the annual average of one death per 144. Of total home bars. Meanwhile the number of candle fires in the US peaks in December. With the top four days for candle fires being Christmas Eve Christmas Day New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. But here's the good news. In today's world were many of us are began to feel like we have little control over our own personal safety. That's not the case. When it comes to home fires. There's plenty that consumers can do to protect themselves. The vast majority of Christmas tree and candle fires are highly preventable. It simply takes a little added awareness. And following some basic fire safety precautions. And at the core of home fire safety are smoke alarms and a fire escape plan. Every home should have a working smoke alarm on each level the home. Outside of the sleeping areas and in each bedroom. Smoke alarms need to be tested monthly to ensure that they're operating properly. If a smoke alarm sounds everyone needs to get out of the house immediately. And stay out of the house. Families also need to develop a home fire escape plan. So that they know how to properly use the time that that smoke alarm provides. During a far. A home fire escape plan includes two exits from every room and a place outside where everyone can meet after exiting the home. And every one in the home should practice this at least two times a year. Now those are the basics of home fire safety. They may sound simple. But these are time tested fire safety measures that can make a difference between life and death in a fire. All right I will now direct your attention to the fire room where you'll see first the eight menorah burned on the dark curtain and annual sees the comparison of the wet tree and it strikes me. They'd go to the right tree. Everybody on the right tree. Running right tree state bar right. People pretty good. Don't know what we've. So that's really. The turnout among. Last year. The army. Boils rolling me. Yeah. Yeah and I can't really easy digital when we all big business has been. Every Christmas trees lit on fire so wherever you seek the Atlantic street. On the left side of the Christmas tree that was well watered voting Tuesday evening. I'm first things. But it's been on the right diet and fitness industry. And it's really dried out under any news. Fireballs. I think it completely and fired steam were behind me collapsed and when you personally have. Just as a show how dangerous items fifty religion well maintained. As they heard the ATF Tuesday and early years. It's east can save as long and it. Where in just the way excuse situation awareness it's been hobbled by an area just did you feel like there's its mountain. Season's movies. On Friday. Or just feels living rooms it just to make sure that it's the season. And also I think it's December. The highest monster. Particularly if it's history it's history. I'm happy holidays and save save this and it was and you know.

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{"duration":"7:48","description":"ABC News' Janet Weinstein reports from Rockville, Maryland.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"35628077","title":"How to Keep Your Home Safe and Avoid a Holiday Decoration Disaster","url":"/Health/video/home-safe-avoid-holiday-decoration-disaster-35628077"}