Do hospitals have enough beds and respirators?

Dr. Nermen Bostros answers questions on hospitals bracing for supply shortages and if they have enough protective gear.
4:22 | 03/25/20

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Transcript for Do hospitals have enough beds and respirators?
Let's bring in doctor near mean Boutros doctor thank you for joining us. So first I want to ask you what is senior ER and are there enough beds and respirators for. The current patients that you have who you suspect have Kobe's nineteen. And that. Really angry using. And now still yeah we are riding got tightened their arms up into liters. And isolation rooms add bids for the Asian. We are doing our best trying to them eight. She's a structure isn't the team. Creating new teams creating what opt gold icu unit. Intriguing and he look op lawyer or isolation and but we're still very tight and we need. Black op. Applied if you could just wave a magic wand. What would you say that your hospital still needs to fully serve your patience and does your staff have the critical protective gear that you need and are you bracing for shortages. The all understand that is a national tour ends and turns up PE. But I cannot empathize and knock on how important and this stock. Eat eat your doctors and there's an adult belt and records. On every hope your member or not right now was very gracious and down. At least double we need Ol. That doctors right now we cannot afford that and you also not a little sick. Party still. The hospital managed and here I am. Trying to their best to upper by Clinton outlined I think there's L need and want it gone. I'm sent out the EEE is still need you think did you must apply. Is some hospitals are urging patients to put off surgery is in some cases really serious surgeries during this corona virus crisis. Is that your advice is well and if so does that apply to every surgery could American start getting sicker if we delay other health care needs. Not what we understand but not. And and this fleet we have to rule be flexible and there is an elective surgery or let the receded and people believe what you meet. We have to do then. I know on X and might let Elaine. Agent Aaron other. I but we have to do this right now we have to deal with the act keenly key obstacle to write it still. And this is not actually we have to regulate any elective procedure and we have to be on. Great Lakes the ball and is not a Elise. And we've also heard of those who need certain medications like hide o'clock see four Quinn which helps treat lupus is not being able to find it many people are saying who really have it who need it. How concerning is that. I conference and pack. People may try to lighten up brisk bright it. Or not nick not that right Asian not necessarily. It not become floors look at EU would ask you the ill patients or. As I was a yearlong injured knee and neck and circus the deletion is not everyone is not put protection. And it we're running short of that Nikki sang are pretending got dark beach and I'll like Luke Asian or some iRobot knowledge based and I'll happening is about and I think we have to eat Wyeth and net away Downey was in his drug and seeking basic. Net president trump today said that he hopes to get the economy running again by Easter which presumably means. Less social distancing the so does that worry you in what would that mean for health care workers on the front lines. I eight cannot go men on in the common. That political. Issues. As does and it will continue I mean hours not in Gallup the Asian. Doing everything possible that they get a power base and Andy in getting fatter and I'll eat up. Political that they Danvers application. All right doctor thank you so much for your time for talking with a stay safe and thank you. For the work that you do wheat we greatly appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"Dr. Nermen Bostros answers questions on hospitals bracing for supply shortages and if they have enough protective gear.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"69782789","title":"Do hospitals have enough beds and respirators?","url":"/Health/video/hospitals-beds-respirators-69782789"}