Indoor Workout Safety

Dr. Krista Archer on keeping you healthy when your workout moves inside.
5:26 | 11/23/11

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Transcript for Indoor Workout Safety
As the weather turns cold are many people are heading indoors for their work out -- although the -- can be a great place to get your daily exercise there is a risk of injury. Associated with those party on weight machines and of course germs lurking and -- locker room. The joining us now with ways to avoid unnecessary injury and illness at the -- is doctor Chris archer -- what specialists and her theatrics and after our -- -- thank you so much for being here with us today. -- little bit about the kind of injuries you -- the foot injuries you -- when people move from their outdoor activities today indoor activity. Right so that abortion is the weather's cold or turning colder and the -- are much shorter dozens of people are logging more hours at the -- simply because it's getting dark and can't -- their outdoor activities. So -- -- on an elliptical machines are becoming more popular now right. And people just going at the -- Movement the same -- for thirty plus minutes causes problems over use injuries in the feet and ankles. Decency like tendon and yet another example -- -- doing. An incline let's say they -- three -- four you're really China. Go up Thad Allen decided that the -- and the funny -- ankle are working harder. In the same motion for a thirty to forty minutes and overuse injuries and and -- -- And and an elliptical machine if you can imagine doing that and your foot is the -- -- -- -- and that paddle. For 3040 minutes. There's their nerve damage happens -- right answer -- -- information and nervous and -- people -- I I feel my -- getting mountain. I have a pilot either for awhile so what can you will be to avoid -- -- -- -- -- switch up the machines don't spend the whole forty minutes on one machine. -- maybe -- ten minutes on one machine twenty minutes -- machine and then it do you stretching and angled back to get class one day we're pilot trainer another day I'm on the week entity can learn still light out. Do you get frustrated -- east around five miles outside and they can't do the same thing and yet also because it's so -- the damage had no harm him. It reported. Hi my writing blank -- it just me. After what other dangers are looking at the -- we hear about. Germ yeah where are the photograph of -- you think about that's -- the person before you would dripping sweat Powell effectively did they wiped out the machine mechanic can gross you out yet there was a study -- of the University of Arizona. That show that 28% of Jim surfaces are contaminated with body fluids or I. Would argue that's -- higher but I don't wanna do that kind of -- anyway let's say 3% right what you wanna do is this in fact the machine you're about to get on. With a white that's at the jamming and now all -- have us -- wipes are at disinfecting -- not just that it towel but something that happened that -- -- and it. And clean on the handles and the -- that you're going to be touching right. Also there -- you know. Fungus and wart virus on the floors of the locker room -- Rather of these these oak harbor harbor in moist environment warm environments so if you're taking a shower for instance you should never go and without oh my -- never ever ever go there I accommodations Oliphant is get a simple. Dot two dollar pair Clancy could -- way to -- from. You know changing to the shower in the shower and back Pattinson scary isn't it now what about those that are typically now people are putting on their boots to walk around -- Indeed just see those typical sort of warts and blisters pop up more in the winter -- now because you know it cut the budget the Jim -- -- -- picking up he and there are they had to have -- being closed they're not looking so. The problems usually there are more progressed when they come to me the words bigger than now fungus is worse Athlete's Foot -- worse you wanna you know. Tea -- a precaution right at the -- As he sat white down the surfaces with a disinfectant might warrant after use the machine never touch your high is or your mouth -- You're working out -- that the cure rally the disinfecting your hands -- your in the gym where that we are flip flops and bring your own water bottom. Because think about water fountain -- there people are pushing. The Laver and it's they're very germ ridden good point -- never even thought about that yes sweaty hands pushing the F and then lastly after you work out. No. Makes sense is common sense but blond terrier sweaty clothes each time -- people actually do putting -- in -- locker and yeah. Yes and -- even by some sums up over the counter. To protect yourself. -- -- -- -- it hasn't got here is doctor Charles symbol of a counter remedies there's a powder spray an insert all have. -- bacteria and fungus fighting components and them saying they would use these. Before you work out -- let's say you know you keep spraying near eat your gym bag and despray -- your sneakers once a week write a grand idea sneakers if your sweat your feet -- sweat a lot they need to put the powder in your socks before you work out. And then -- inserts actually haven't -- soda and absorption. Quality to them that absorbs sweat and help fight bacteria and fungus -- -- -- now is -- any danger to the sweat itself will sweaty. Seats give you swell of sweaty feet -- -- -- -- -- area but harbors bacteria. And fungus that loves dark warm moist environments -- to having wet and hot he does not not going to want to keep things clean and dry clean and dry absolutely all right doctor Chris -- thank you so much thank you.

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{"duration":"5:26","description":"Dr. Krista Archer on keeping you healthy when your workout moves inside.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15019108","title":"Indoor Workout Safety","url":"/Health/video/indoor-workout-safety-15019108"}