Inside an 'Air Ambulance'

How helicopter medevac teams get victims vital care.
5:59 | 11/01/11

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Transcript for Inside an 'Air Ambulance'
Britain -- -- New Jersey headquarters of Atlantic ambulance corporation where their fleet. Air ambulances and we're here to get a sense of what. Medical evacuation is all about and helicopter. The helicopters become a crucial -- of our ability to evacuate most critical patients to the death. Specific. And we know that when seconds count. -- between life and death for the situation this is where we want to be. In order to get a real sense for what -- -- this -- life. But we have created in mock scenario where we have injured patients that we need to transport so what we're going to do is simulate -- to give you guys tonight you know what's really like to. He's going to die without an operation she's -- a hospital. In upstate New Jersey they cannot deal with this problem we need to get him moved quickly -- to -- hospital was -- take care of us. Dave we are simulating an emergency right now and -- -- and northern New Jersey hospital this is a box. Patients that we needed -- -- -- catastrophic cardiac condition called on the -- dissect this is the exact same problem that killed Richard Holbrooke. As high as the actor John Ritter. The problem with this condition is that if we don't get him to a hospital would take -- -- of the cardiac emergency right away he's going to -- this is absolutely fatal injury. Not all hospitals like this want to take care of this problem we've got a hostile happens in my -- forced him medical -- were thirty miles away. We're the closest possibly can view with the sort of problem. It's not realistic to put him in an ambulance right now god only knows how long of the tickets to get there so were preparing -- corporate -- to evacuate and hand -- -- on the helicopters. We've simultaneously. Initiated. This sequence events that more steps like get a team of nurses setting up of an offering when I get an anesthesiologist ready to deal excludes. And I come into the hospital so that simultaneously we get your head down a little bit. We've got an about an hour to take care of this problem in a trauma all the -- and -- critical care medicine we called this the golden hour. Well we've got to take care of things right away and this is exactly what we're doing. We've also got a philosophy here the United States -- -- and -- and we got trauma victims we've got someone who's sick we we our goal is to get into the hospitals quickly we can't. We don't dilly dally in the field it's very different in the way things are done in Europe. Some people speculated that that's part of the reason lady Diana did survive she spent an hour. At the scene of her accident before they even left in an hour fifty minutes before they got the hospital. In America that would have happened we would have had -- an ambulance we would -- dropped -- ago. So ready to go here I'm -- hop -- we're gonna go hot just a minute. We're loaded up we've got a paramedic we got a flight nurse. Moorestown those were common. -- -- -- -- And out -- transition point we're gonna hand off this victim to our cardiac team. There's been completely choreographed we've got an anesthesiologist down there were ready ago. This is baseball awaits but he played this is how you save lives everything is -- -- we get -- -- the operating ready to go as -- said the helicopter. We can be cut in three -- four minutes. Thanks for coming on board for ABC news on doctor Chris put see you next.

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{"duration":"5:59","description":"How helicopter medevac teams get victims vital care.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"14861089","title":"Inside an 'Air Ambulance'","url":"/Health/video/inside-air-ambulance-14861089"}