IUD Pros and Cons

Dr. Jacques Moritz explains benefits and drawbacks of the intrauterine device.
3:32 | 03/01/12

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Transcript for IUD Pros and Cons
After years of falling out of favor at the intra uterine device is making a comeback as a popular form of birth control of the US. The device does have some benefits over oral contraception as well as some drawbacks and -- discuss them all of us. Is ABC news contributor -- writs doctor -- it's great to see -- -- you tell us about what exactly is an IUD. Right well I. So this is not this whole thing it's just this part here and -- anchors this inside the uterus. This specific one marina and -- talk about it has a little bit of hormone here. And this is that these goes in this once -- for five years. There's copper one ride lasts for ten years Elizabeth two kinds of only to lead this country some countries have ten different kinds that is one better than the other. I'll tell -- the copper IUD has no hormones and so for women that don't want any hormones the copper IUD as a way to go except. They can't have heavy periods and what happened is that's a whole -- the women that had heavy periods for those women. The marine as a lifesaver. He had no carries -- it you have if you do. -- very light periods and state is actually used in other countries to prevent hysterectomies and to prevent endometrial cancer and how exactly does it. Prevent pregnancy -- Iraq amid right abortion say exactly what that's and that's a major. Misconception. No pregnancy occurs the way it works is it kills the sperm. The copper causes inflammation. The progesterone makes the -- very thick and neither way. Can the sperm. Go -- so now I know religious concerns with us now is some of that sort of myth that the reason that fell out of favor but you know fell out of favor -- because. Doctors like me we're trying to make a better idea -- -- -- -- -- -- one called the -- -- -- -- market -- -- caused a lot of problems that's gone and we've actually gone back. Backwards and gone to some of the older type of -- and so now they're rising in popularity hit but the numbers were about ten years -- -- 1% of women now it's up to 10%. And I think it's going to be more and more this is a great -- if -- ask any old B what. They use that for what their wives used it tonight so who is an ideal candidate and who shouldn't use and -- In the past it was only thought in this country for women that had kids that's all changed now. It basically. -- every body. Is a candidate that some exceptions if you've had a history of STD's. If you're not monogamous and things like that didn't want this night and -- -- decide you wanna get pregnant how quickly after you including the newest that the good question. You pull it out -- and you're ready to go out yet there's no waiting period is no hormones getting out of your body. The page to people wait for the next cycle which comes very soon and Texas governor has very little downside. Is I mean there is addition when you put an end it's a procedure room. There is some pain if you've had a child putting an -- is very easy if you have it takes some skill. After that the periods -- little bit heavy for the first one or two. Cycles and then they go back and how long can leave event but one is for five -- -- -- that's this one here and the copper 110 to twelve years and no risk of infection but now actually have a -- the risk of infection is during the insertion. And sometimes we give antibiotics just one dose. And after that low risk of infection so use do you think that this is really the way to go from us from the lonely outside this what I mean this is it it's gonna rise in popularity -- this country they're very big on using pills. In most countries IDs first place very interesting -- -- -- thank you so much should be.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"Dr. Jacques Moritz explains benefits and drawbacks of the intrauterine device.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15828594","title":"IUD Pros and Cons","url":"/Health/video/iud-pros-cons-15828594"}