Jaiya Ma on How She Became a Sex Educator

The sexologist discusses her journey to becoming a world-renowned expert.
10:12 | 12/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jaiya Ma on How She Became a Sex Educator
Hi there Sanjaya. -- renounce sex expert author of the book red hot spots and creator founder of -- -- sex education. People ask me all the time how to get into me what you -- how you become a sex expert what interested -- about. Well I have to say it went any of my credentials that are you know I can go on and on about -- -- -- and all its network on. It will actually. Lover who are being meeting about everything recently everything -- -- my hands on about sex and don't just read about it actually do it yes. I out of sex expert who has sex I believe that it. And I -- to do hands on outpatient happy. One vote doesn't really work. In the body great great top models. That government acted out in my body. And in other people's bodies how does this work and what are the prospects -- solutions out. More than tell you about my credentials I'd -- to tell you all my story. It all the stages of sexuality spots yesterday you expressed it -- curious. -- curious transcript. I have to say that I started not being here yes. I grew up in the conservative. Means less actually. Done harm happens -- the middle of nowhere will -- Ohio. Yeah the only -- spotlight has got like 45 minutes it's -- -- -- -- And so. I was super curious about sex in our eyes -- was no conversation. Almost pretty open about it. Embarrassed not about -- What you know at this time it was and it is -- library. And I got my recent book you find out about sexuality I decided that I wouldn't be -- top -- And so any of my friends they -- -- had this information -- all my friends I mean about sex. And wouldn't it I was just. My high school and any college later all sexuality. -- all the information that I had about it. And so there I really got my curiosity that -- listed as it is. News becoming a holistic doctor. Position. And none. -- started studying different things like -- units. Is. You know techniques. Alan Alan Yates this -- when -- worked for. And she actually think we keep a huge piece -- my -- because she looked -- -- it's like you're not you yourself you expect. People. Absolutely certainly -- teach and -- And that was that is the heart of it is really wanted this job and game -- You -- thousand. Hero status and a lot of other things going online. In my in my physical -- especially Iran sexuality. Not -- And she suggested that makes me a chance -- class. And -- and sexuality -- that is here here is transforming. And also hugely mixed in there let up. But it lists contrary it is eat me. Basis for a whole other world sexuality where. I sit still a lot of -- -- it. -- my sexuality. And -- NC. All -- here is actually very spiritual president time. I'm really with interest it -- -- passions. And love spirituality and religious. -- sexuality and well now missions you -- my sexuality for spiritual practice. I -- in many years -- TX on teacher and a lot of options -- -- beauty possible sexuality. Then how I happen I called on the yeah have you ever hot and happening here flight -- -- she -- everything changes every belief. It challenges everything you aren't challenges all of you me and me anything it's one of those. Events yeah. I had incidents. -- -- on the week accidentally now. It's it was that we Wear -- happens here it's just -- and still. And it. Yeah and humble mean where I had -- -- And other friends. Her eyes classless. I me mine when my partners at the time broke up with me. -- had -- friendship all our means everything I had the flu. I go on and on and on all this week and what happened that we just let -- completely. All of them. I question. What's true treatment reality. -- It is almost half practicing where -- -- eat -- -- just start questioning everything and it is going to EU. Deep deep you know where -- And -- -- -- house -- because my partner and I decided. -- -- -- -- And so my heart was -- my psyche emotions feeling really -- process. And out of rusty. In the space. I and that's online me. He leads and -- it expects -- is that yes. I started its meetings outside my conference on top -- -- on sex sex -- -- place. Exploring our -- and citizens acts that's happening and keep edges. Omelet you -- on the age your that is not how adventurous and spicy. -- -- -- yet after so much news since there were -- It was so much in just a great time actually all healing well -- you venture also still in process. You know it's it's funny you open -- -- starts happening. Just seeing. And happy are also the place in his transition -- -- somebody -- really changes your outlook. -- again you know my curiosity it's always -- there and sexuality. And it's. What's happening -- having sex for pleasure. I was hiding allotments -- And artists sex. -- -- -- And when I started just having sexual -- SX venture I got pregnant after three doctors don't I never prop eight so. I'm hearing here for -- we're playing with the -- consciousness in ways you fertility doctors -- wanted to highlight how babies. And -- -- your name and not the whole understatement sexuality. It's made -- period resting on either your adventures throughout pregnancy. Sony and easy moments -- Actors were my child. To eat rats. -- -- -- -- -- -- Intense trauma tonight -- Wheeler. And that. He was a wonderful opportunity for learning because I went something -- -- a lot of couples go -- -- -- October that they eat where. And that's where exactly -- -- especially not -- Kara so. -- period -- again my knowledge and curiosity. Accompanist. I had major trauma can't -- of course -- -- -- -- us. Not. That was an intense time. I'm bear curator Rick -- is asking and asking you lost even more sexuality. When did things I discovered yesterday that -- reverse -- Have so much erotic potential excuse pulled in -- -- -- It's like -- layer after layer after layer. And I and I just keep going higher and higher having better and better sexual relationships things I couldn't even act like -- got to the peak. And then something even more so. Currently I am exploring and usher in transformation. In back and see how he practices. But also celebrate -- that adventurous side in. Exploring all is possible because -- so much out there in the strive to be full spectrum human being -- -- EU. Everything that I am learning on my journey I didn't even want to -- in conversations about sex I don't want to know more about -- this year. And how accurately. Meet this site that -- -- Specific to you and that's really great quality remains an accurate -- -- report it teach them. I am the talent so. Ask these questions from me blind I wouldn't you know on what's frustrating united sexuality right now. What would you like to accomplish in -- sexuality next year. What could I provides that would help you double your sexual satisfaction human relationships you know -- -- like your technique whenever that is. Up -- you're into next year what can I. Well you know what what it solutions that let things property -- -- UW's. Action. What you try in the past that have worked. And what have you tried -- house where I would love and the next questions and comment below our rights in the please let me now and each -- not all of the on -- content on sites -- Also inside and I look forward and acting use be -- -- continents and let's start the conversation. -- -- --

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{"duration":"10:12","description":"The sexologist discusses her journey to becoming a world-renowned expert.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15113993","title":"Jaiya Ma on How She Became a Sex Educator","url":"/Health/video/jaiya-ma-world-renouned-sexologist-sex-educator-15113993"}