Johnson & Johnson plans to deliver 20 million vaccines by end of March

Vaccinations rise as U.S. sees downward trend in COVID-19 cases.
4:51 | 03/01/21

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Transcript for Johnson & Johnson plans to deliver 20 million vaccines by end of March
Let's talk more about the vaccine now with epidemiologist doctor John Brownstein doctor Brownstein. Good morning you heard there Johnson Johnson saying they plan to deliver twenty million doses of the vaccine by the end of this month they wanna see 100 million by the middle of the year difference do you expect this can make any old world race to get this country vaccinated and back to some semblance of normalcy. That this is incredibly exciting and we are just a year right into this pandemic and we have three C detectives. Scenes which is really just a scientific Muir. Are seeking treatment are no windows has radio artists we and I ended march 20 million in that should be enough to the 87% of the nation's. You're adding in the next and remember this is exciting because it prevented a 100% ha. Asians and 8% this year cheese's. Also remembered his vaccines tested time and yet here and so. It is strong. I can see Rollins said we heard even talking about single does snow freezing. These super short recession is due to rule areas strategy that has seen one Jerusalem exception eighty different as the G saying when it's your turn no. All communities are these are all he wanted to they're available -- time and course says this type of vaccine can be used on other conditions like cancer and Al climbers. How'd that work. Yeah this incredible this is new. He is our doctor concept. Where were essentially. AG which changed through this you know viruses are common cold and colony don't much but it delivers messages and this tells you produce a protein and are you sure are Cronin. I didn't use technology for years around. She's like AJ PMG. When you can she uses and did you think you can do it against many other taxes he alzheimer's and cancer princess owls are resistant to critique how. Tangles inside an era you know that's an early sign of dolls are actually changing hands and is developing a vaccine. Is or how does our. There are so incredibly exciting because there's so many occasions within this character also yeah brand name to. Be entering his whole new era. Are with these technologies and you're part of a team of Boston children's hospital and developed an online portal. Where people can search for nearby vaccination locations. Work and why did you feel the need to create this. Yeah I mean we've actually been working on I told her daughter or or years actually started out. After he wanted to get Mitch was so hard to tell you where to go and get it are seen as well citizenship map shows where Barack Caesar when we didn't know news technology for months now shoot a three hour patrol officer cringe all due to get ready we know that retirement just weeks so challenging for people aren't seeing all the complicated web sites girls were hitting refresh this is trying to bring some order to die is an actual school all the federal our pharmacies and there certainly you'll need to see public talk to her church and essentially did you pull usually get. Down trash birds seem incredible. That is placed Bernie appointments so hopefully isn't an additional cool I into the knicks really simple processor so many simplifying the process is so she right now the US is also seen a downward trend in Kobe cases over the last six weeks but now. There are concerns are rising numbers in Texas after that winter storm what did Texans need to know right now. Yeah I mean I think there's national do you if you were seen outside towing a key is Arnold it is and concerning. She she any priest and it's not just because. Kennedy is really seems that sorry. Eight other sources like we ordered that she is hostile to storms aren't rob people the other circle we usually aren't you yeah yeah led to increased position me. This is the key let you know when people come together session here. We're Irish priest in our necks of the disease and fortunately while. Hirsch how but it didn't. It's really devastating. Holiness is just a blip and not me rise that is also how he doubled down. Those interventions like Nazis socialists and right now to get into this other side he's our he's out there and are just a matter but we should all have to do our part to get your. All right doctor John Brownstein great to have you as always thank you thank you.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"Vaccinations rise as U.S. sees downward trend in COVID-19 cases.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"76184797","title":"Johnson & Johnson plans to deliver 20 million vaccines by end of March","url":"/Health/video/johnson-johnson-plans-deliver-20-million-vaccines-end-76184797"}