‘I don't judge one crowd versus another crowd’: Fauci

Republican lawmaker Jim Jordan mounted an aggressive campaign to try to discredit Dr. Fauci's recommendation that Americans avoid crowds.
5:16 | 07/31/20

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Transcript for ‘I don't judge one crowd versus another crowd’: Fauci
Mr. Jordan. They mr. chairman doctor fell to give protests increase the spread of the virus. The protest increase the spread of the virus. I think I can make a general statement. Happened nine protesters in June 6 alone and assassin that number now people does it increase the spread that I craft crowding. Together particularly when you're not wearing a masts contributes to the spread of the virus should be limited protesting. I'm not show what you mean should how do we say limit to protest a government limit the protesting. I I I don't think that's relevant to. What you just said that increases the spread the virus on assassin should be limited. Well I'm I'm not in a position to determine what the government can do and a forceful way when you make all kinds of recommendations you don't make comments on dating on baseball everything you can imagine I'm just asking you just said it yeah protests increased to spread and just ask you should be try to limit the product I think I would leave that to people who have more than approved in a position to do that I can tell you government that often people from going to church doctor fallacy. Last week in the calvary chapel case five liberals on the Supreme Court said it was okay for Nevada. To limit church services. Garnett I mean just as dorsett said it best he said there's no there's no world in which the constitution permits Nevada to favor Caesars palace over calvary chapel on this asking is there a world where the constitution says. He can favor 11 and in the liberty. Protesting. Over another faxing your faith. I'm not favoring anybody over anybody I'm just making a statement that's a broad statement. That avoid crowds of any type no matter where you are. Because that leads to the acquisition and transmission. And I don't judge one crowd vs another crowd when you're gonna crowd particularly if you're not wearing a mask that in but it's. This is a simple it's a simple question doctors should we limit the protest government is obvious he limped limiting again hunter and and look. I'm not they know there's been no violence and I'm I can see at church I haven't seen people during a church service gotten. And harm police officers are burned buildings but we know that any for 63 days nine weeks it's been happening in Portland way. Yeah well one night in Chicago 49 officers were injured. But no limit to vote no limit to protest but boy can't go to church on Sunday. It I don't know how many times I can answer that I'm not gonna look pollen on limiting anything I'm just gonna tell you people's pocket and a lot of things doctor forget but I didn't have this is all that directly impacts the spread of the virus I'm asking your your your position on the protests via I'm and well I'm not gonna upon them limiting anything I'm telling you what it is the danger. And you can make your own conclusion about that. He should stay away from crowds no matter where the crowds. Our government is government to stop people from going to work. Fact just in New Jersey four days ago. Ian Smith frank from data were arrested. For opening up from trying to operate their business their Jim. They were arrested. But at my my bet is. If these two individual in this gym were outside just in front of their GM and all the people who are working out again were outside protesting it ingests fun but because they were in the gym working out. Actually running their business they got arrested you think that's okay. You know I'm not gonna apply in on who gets arrested and he does not I mean I ID he get where I'm going I'm telling you as a public health official. I say Crowley CDA consistency doctor project is no inconsistency congressman what. There's delicate and so what you're allowed to protest millions of people on one day in crowds yelling screaming what you try to run your business to get arrested if he stood right outside that same business in protest that you wouldn't get arrested you know sitting consistency there. I don't understand what you're asking me is a public health official to applying on who should get arrested or not. That's not my position you could use out educate you medicated for another business is if advocate for certain businesses to be shut down on the. I'm just asking you on your position on the protest I mean I haven't seen one. Weaver allowed not hair salons I haven't seen one hair stylist. Who between haircuts goes out and the tax police to set something on fire but we see all kinds that's up during protests and we know the protest actually increase the spread of the virus you've said that. I sit crowds. I didn't say specifically I didn't say protests do any of the protest don't increases by that I didn't say that you putting words in my mental I've but I would I just want an answer to the question do the protests increase the spread of the virus I. I don't Evan scientific evidence and there can tell you that crowds are known. Particularly when you don't have a mask. To increase the acquisition. And transmission. No matter what you don't have a position on whether the protest increased to spread of the virus or don't increase the spread that I items saying that crowds wherever the crowds are. Can give you an increased. Probability that is going to be acquisition. And transmission. Do you understand American's concern. Oh testing according to pick the court and the Democrats is just fine but you can't go to work he can't go to school you can't go to church. There's limits placed on all three of those fundamental activities and on the net and activities of protesting just fall.

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{"duration":"5:16","description":"Republican lawmaker Jim Jordan mounted an aggressive campaign to try to discredit Dr. Fauci's recommendation that Americans avoid crowds.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"72107060","title":"‘I don't judge one crowd versus another crowd’: Fauci","url":"/Health/video/judge-crowd-versus-crowd-fauci-72107060"}