Judge Halts New York City's Sugary Drinks Ban

State judge invalidates Mayor Mike Bloomberg's ban the day before it was scheduled to take effect.
2:16 | 03/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Judge Halts New York City's Sugary Drinks Ban
The -- soda ban that was set to go into effect tomorrow was blocked by New York supreme court judge -- ethanol mean. Reporters and have welcoming its patent details is in -- -- up well with the very latest Sandra. The list that's right that building came down just within the last half hour -- haven state supreme court judge Milton seemed like. The ruling reads in part. The -- -- -- it is arbitrary and capricious because it applies to some but not all food establishments in the city. It excludes other beverages that have significantly high concentrations of sugars sweeteners and -- calories on suspect grounds. And the loopholes inherent in the -- including but not limited to no limitations. On REIT -- read bill's defeat and or served to -- the purpose. The rule of course that's what many business owners had argued all along some of them were affected others weren't -- -- could. Now he's lied sugary beverages others Clinton in the course of idea that this was. Good way to fight obesity in the city. Losing a steady today that's -- -- -- relations between the time they how much how many sugary beverages consumed. And -- also those rates of obesity in communities but today. A judge again dismissed that -- as you might imagine business owners excited. To hear the news now we don't have to worry about maybe -- is giving you know. It's tough scenarios so that you don't have -- live -- broadly -- that they give him away game you can send them. You know and so I'm sure that. Pepsi cola and that shipping company uses. Led to -- because they mean that the bells back to six. Now just a short while ago this week's -- that it would be. Appealing that ruling and it expected to be able to put the -- into place. In a short time. We'll have to wait and see on that but tonight at least people celebrating because they can drink their big -- at least in the short term.

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{"id":18704485,"title":"Judge Halts New York City's Sugary Drinks Ban","duration":"2:16","description":"State judge invalidates Mayor Mike Bloomberg's ban the day before it was scheduled to take effect.","url":"/Health/video/judge-halts-new-york-citys-sugary-drinks-ban-18704485","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}