Kids Helping Kids

Bringing Clean Water and Sanitation to Students in Need.
1:16 | 12/16/11

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Please -- -- story and a group of students at each be woodland high school in Arlington Virginia. Who made a pledge to help students in Bangladesh to an organization called each -- -- life. It gets -- that you can take on -- -- challenge. The challenge. To raise enough money to help by proper hand washing stations important -- for the school in Bangladesh. They've only had two toilets for 500 students and no running water. We want to help block the law can have and school and learn and not worry about -- Went to work raising money cool water a bake sale the dance. It paid off he raised 141000. To -- this school in Bangladesh has all the modern conveniences. The students there had a special message for the students here. It one and -- evidence of tedium -- the money and who he did not but in the end it added. And in the students at least he would launch -- their own message in return. And that's.

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{"id":15192985,"title":"Kids Helping Kids","duration":"1:16","description":"Bringing Clean Water and Sanitation to Students in Need.","url":"/Health/video/kids-helping-kids-15192985","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}