'Kings Point': Trailer

Do seniors find Florida to be a utopia or retirement hell?
1:42 | 07/27/12

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Transcript for 'Kings Point': Trailer
Point is a nice feeling and -- -- Islamic enough along that it will around something to do. Those who else is down eleven to do things that -- Garcia -- LC dot. -- eight we -- -- could default on the yeah things. If you if you want to be so nice they can't take you they can't they need somebody to hear them. I don't need them of that and that's what this excellent and I feel like -- In my -- parents. Any body. -- I really could connect to. -- -- -- -- -- But different. Abilities basically. -- Until it was -- you better run because like. When you're younger you have made friends friends and when you came to Florida you made acquaintances and go to classes. Not friends friends that just not here anymore. -- in the sense that -- didn't know. That he -- tomorrow night. Okay. And sound. So as the nation's number one at what age doesn't. -- --

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{"id":16869810,"title":"'Kings Point': Trailer","duration":"1:42","description":"Do seniors find Florida to be a utopia or retirement hell?","url":"/Health/video/kings-point-trailer-16869810","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}