Large Sugary Drink Ban Passes in New York City

Board of Health approves Mayor Bloomberg's effort to reduce obesity.
3:00 | 09/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Large Sugary Drink Ban Passes in New York City
The last straw for a large sugary drinks and New York City the Health Department approving Mayor Bloomberg soda ban just a short time ago. Eyewitness News reporter Marcy Gonzales is live Long Island City with more Marcy. Benoit his -- impact so does and other sugary drinks sold in any establishment that gets a letter grade. From New York City that word reached this decision which is the first of its kind after ten. And thousands of people waiting in over the past few months. I think is wrong. I think that we -- freedom of speech. And we have a freedom -- well and we debated to do and drink what we want. There is outrage about mayor Bloomberg's plan to ban the sale of large sugary drinks but like it or not it will soon be a reality. All in favor of approving the proposal. -- -- The board of health approved the proposal this morning once the ban takes effect in March sugary drinks sold in New York City will be limited to sixteen ounces. It's gonna end up buying -- small groups. We're not going -- -- well. But health officials don't believe most New Yorkers real -- more drinks to compensate for the smaller sizes say did you win it would cut back on the amount of sugar consumed and therefore deep crease the obesity rates -- Want to congratulate the -- on taking what I consider to be a historic step. To address a major health problem of our time. In -- city where 58%. Of residents are overweight and 5800. People -- of obesity each year health officials praised this as a step in the right direction. -- some business owners who will now have to hand their cubs called the ban unfair. Those that are affected restaurant. Movie theater. -- -- -- They're very concerned that important -- that the people want to be taken away from them. An opponent say they are -- -- to try to block the ban before he takes effect in March we're live in Long Island City Marcy Gonzales channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":17227911,"title":"Large Sugary Drink Ban Passes in New York City","duration":"3:00","description":"Board of Health approves Mayor Bloomberg's effort to reduce obesity.","url":"/Health/video/large-sugary-drink-ban-passes-new-york-city-17227911","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}