Laughter Yoga: Smiling for Better Health?

Texas instructor says techniques reduce stress and counteract depression.
1:57 | 03/16/12

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Transcript for Laughter Yoga: Smiling for Better Health?
Where we're just here having a laugh that was a fake a laugh so big is this is now where. Favorite story of the day and as you might guess it involves the laughter yeah real after that. Relapse there and some real yoga enthusiasts in Texas are incorporating a hearty chuckle into their routine that is Stephanie cern -- SAT in San Antonio reports they are laughing their way to better health. I've tried laughing everyone know miles. No I mean really laughing. Believe or not this laughter yoga technique it's real exercise where you'll actually break a sweat. And relieve much more than stress. It -- -- heart attacks depression and it really does a boost the immune systems so that you can actually get stressed again and -- -- -- again. Don Thurman is the third by laughter leader who teach people how to lighten their lives last year experiment legal -- of the disabled child says. She that this -- to reduce the stress and her own life. And -- participants who tried to class at 830 minutes a hearty laugh here and actually relieve -- -- you. I'm breast cancer survivor so I feel that. The laughing in the -- has been very beneficial to health and boosts immune system. The classes include breathing exercises light stretching and simply -- other laugh. Bellini the proper gear or clothing for -- regular work out. Inspectors say laughter you can do anywhere at anytime and you'll build rewards right away you can literally take a copy break with your years co workers. -- from five to enlist in the it's. It just -- -- everything's good looking to communicate better more work more efficiently and these guys. -- laugh out loud.

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{"id":15938387,"title":"Laughter Yoga: Smiling for Better Health?","duration":"1:57","description":"Texas instructor says techniques reduce stress and counteract depression.","url":"/Health/video/laughter-yoga-smiling-for-better-health-15938387","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}