Local restaurants struggle amid pandemic

Celebrity chef and restaurant owner Tom Colicchio discusses how small restaurants are struggling and what the Restaurants Act could do for these businesses.
4:50 | 12/02/20

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Transcript for Local restaurants struggle amid pandemic
Uphill battle that many restaurants are facing right now in how many are still stepping up to help others we're joined now by celebrity chef and restaurant advocate Tom Tokyo Tom thanks church. Coming back on first what do you think watching that piece. Not surprising at all I'm chefs and restaurants are by nature Jenner. They don't anchor community problems and so these stories I think personal stories this. Somebody's chefs and restaurants right now working with hundreds group and usage just those needles as well. Slightly different story but I did not surprise us. A year part of the independent restaurants coalition which is fighting to save small local restaurants affected by the pandemic coming of the threat is a pandemic in these kinds of restaurants. The restaurants are not really your locations. Will close. Out how we got our hands this is why it's so important at restaurants. Were in this. We are and how stimulus package I know those negotiations are going right now he's so the reason why it's so important is its existence and there are packaged and we're so close to getting back seemed so close its employees sometime late spring early summer where all we acceded. To. Those restaurants are closed. Don't know as soon as workers actually work and so it's so right now and that the restaurant acts asked. Net restaurants and remain poll beings so literally GDR our communities and we junior high are pretty. And I know that you yourself and had to lay out some people from your own restaurant and hospitality group crafted hospitality so I know this is personal to you. We know how vulnerable restaurant workers are right now but there seems to paint a broader picture when you talk about the extinction. Of the small local restaurant I mean that affects every want. You're right insects people who knew all about. Directly so that's a seizure and she later. Plumbers electricians. Are vital in starting yours all the businesses. That that we we need to doesn't losers are artists and so for closing down all of the businesses on patrol also. And even just the flavor of our neighborhoods if you live in a place that has a lot of small restaurants as you want demonstrated it'll look completely different without. Oh. Yeah I agree got to makes her city so special she wore down the street and you can have high are Indian Pakistan needs Lugar. Has canceled all items transient and old. And not make our city so horrible and so on. Unity a linen and so we we need restaurant DR it is we get through this pandemic don't want so normally. Eschewing only going to that restaurant where they know you're saying I saw. You wanna go they're celebrating get through this is a model against which is another reason why he's so in order to. Make sure that you get service. You mentioned are the restaurants acting and you do you spoken before about how you thought he he he loans and and hands unemployment benefits or really enough for the restaurant industry specifically. So why the restaurants acts what does that do. TDs and it's really flexible eating slower. Royalty rates and shall use that. So many of us. What we're doing is is. Running are also we have going back or else we're Orson in some cases clothes aren't. So we are. Now reopened even though he was well street now and I am most restaurants aren't exempt. And so. What we're struggling we're struggling just don't mean something must look likes. You the restaurant is essentially 800 sites and and we can uses more. And mall stance so he's it is in. We we need is he done this it is similar to our industry there's a great always out there that well and obesity in eight. We think we India we deserve some instances artistry and you're most cases source close RS. We're we're Julie. You can be no accident best way to stop spreading your arms around this disease. Early and happy real bridge and it is where. Certainly so many with their fingers crossed are now hoping that can all happen and hoping that show the restaurant industry and so many others right now in need get the help that they do need time collect CO is always great to have you thank you. Oh.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"Celebrity chef and restaurant owner Tom Colicchio discusses how small restaurants are struggling and what the Restaurants Act could do for these businesses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"74514306","title":"Local restaurants struggle amid pandemic","url":"/Health/video/local-restaurants-struggle-amid-pandemic-74514306"}