London Olympics: How the Athletes Handle Defeat?

Former Olympian Lauren Whitt says Olympians learn to be resilient.
0:57 | 07/30/12

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Transcript for London Olympics: How the Athletes Handle Defeat?
Anytime an Olympian fails of their first goal. Their biggest challenge -- to refocus on what's coming up next. They have their entire lives to look back and wonder what if they could've done differently. But when I look forward they have to look at what's the next race what's the next meet what's the next activity that they have to compete and performance. -- land use have built a resilient nature -- called resilience and ability to bounce back from adversity. They have faced trials they have fallen short of goals before they have lost races and matches and turn and -- before. And they have learned the skills to be able to overcome -- and to. Face of adversity head on and over comments so certainly they have a skill set. -- the common individual may not have is developed -- highly. But it doesn't mean that us and our business lives and our regular lives can't attain the same level of resilience skill building as well.

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{"id":16889427,"title":"London Olympics: How the Athletes Handle Defeat?","duration":"0:57","description":"Former Olympian Lauren Whitt says Olympians learn to be resilient.","url":"/Health/video/london-olympics-athletes-handle-losing-16889427","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}