Machete Attack Victim Battles Cancer

Nevada woman who survived a violent attack by an ex-boyfriend is now fighting uterine cancer.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Machete Attack Victim Battles Cancer
Ready -- -- Carmen Gomez has spent the last five months in and out of hospitals after a brutal machete attack that left without the use of her hands. Ending -- he wants -- -- her ex boyfriend ambushed her with an eighteen allegedly severing home race and striking her in the head. So far. He without heat up my. Mind the moment in. Anything having spent so much time in the hospital -- hasn't been able to work. -- enemy can't be happy you money. I ask for your own -- -- and I am I DNN. The Las Vegas community embrace Maria after the savage machete attack. And now that she's been diagnosed with cancer she's turning to the community -- once again. Math and now big community -- humane. The only thing. -- some people with the nation. You remind me -- -- that I -- Anything from the woman who has regained the use of one hands is that -- -- Gomez is a survivor. Seeing. You're here and in you've proven -- -- -- you -- and you're going to be death. -- -- Maria hopes to get back on her feet soon so she can get back to work and continue speaking out against domestic violence. An account has been set up to help Maria with her expenses if you'd like to donate blood on our website KT -- dot com. Spencer -- its channel thirteen action news.

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{"id":17093128,"title":"Machete Attack Victim Battles Cancer","duration":"3:00","description":"Nevada woman who survived a violent attack by an ex-boyfriend is now fighting uterine cancer.","url":"/Health/video/machete-attack-victim-battles-cancer-17093128","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}