Malnourished Teen Says Parents Locked Him Up

Paul and Sheila Comer face child cruelty and false imprisonment charges in Georgia.
3:00 | 09/21/12

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Transcript for Malnourished Teen Says Parents Locked Him Up
It was last Tuesday at this Greyhound bus station downtown that security guard Joseph Gonzales seen here on the left. First noticed -- Michiko Omer looking like a lost and -- twelve year old. Alarmed by the teens frail appearance and the story he told Gonzales a retired police Sargent notified the LAPD. His story we got was that this stepfather to -- the bus -- -- here's 200 dollars here's a list -- -- homeless shelters in Los Angeles airmen now and don't come back and. And that's not the worst of it the eighteen year old told police he had been held captive by his parents Paul and -- -- homer. For four years after being taken out of school in the eighth grade. The colors are now in custody after being arrested at their home in this upscale Georgia subdivision. They're facing child abuse and false imprisonment charges and their two younger daughters were removed from the home. These sisters that were -- -- house apparently in even know what color hair this kid had because they hadn't seen him in a couple of years -- been locked in that bedroom for for several years he weighed 97 pounds and stop for three. The ULEPD officer said that his skin was translucent. That he was obviously malnourished. The Spalding county district attorney says the eighteen year old told police that Paul homered drove into a bus stop in Mississippi on -- eighteenth birthday. Putting him on a bus to LA. Once in the hands of the LE BD the teens spent the day -- exodus hospital here in LA and nearly a week -- a local group home before Spalding county authorities. Terrible terrible case that that the real tragedy is that. You know maybe it's happening here maybe it's happening elsewhere across the country we really hope we can find if there's anything like this happening anywhere else find those kids in and save them.

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{"id":17289411,"title":"Malnourished Teen Says Parents Locked Him Up","duration":"3:00","description":"Paul and Sheila Comer face child cruelty and false imprisonment charges in Georgia.","url":"/Health/video/malnourished-teen-says-parents-locked-him-up-17289411","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}