Mental Illness on the Rise

Dr. Scott Bea discusses the serious cultural implications of mental illness.
1:03 | 01/19/12

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Transcript for Mental Illness on the Rise
There is a combination going on our culture where attention is increasing some of it driven by the recent economic downturn. But -- culture that drives itself to produce at all costs that's how we define -- That. Orientation I think has a -- -- -- us so I think it -- in a way that produces more mental health issues. Secondarily we're not addressing these concerns early with kids were not teaching kids how to manage their thoughts how to manage their emotions. So by the time they get to adulthood they may all ready be carrying around lots of -- without the tools or resources to help themselves. They're all sorts of problems of course associated with mental illness individuals that are experiencing mental illness are much more likely that. Suffer from chronic illnesses like cardiovascular disease diabetes. Obesity. Engage in negative health habits. Not exercise. Maybe they use tobacco other drugs and substances as well also. It has lots of associated problems at the cost the culture you know millions and millions of dollars.

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{"id":15397552,"title":"Mental Illness on the Rise","duration":"1:03","description":"Dr. Scott Bea discusses the serious cultural implications of mental illness.","url":"/Health/video/mental-illness-rise-15397552","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}