Mom Loses Son to 'Bubble Boy' Disease

SCID Angels for Life Foundation co-founder shares her story with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency.
3:00 | 12/11/13

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Transcript for Mom Loses Son to 'Bubble Boy' Disease
I story began in 1983. -- -- has been nights that to have our first baby. The -- that we are pregnant we're both very very excited I have a degree in child development inside hoist -- to have children. -- team team team and randomness find that as a happy stay at my life. He looked like a normal babies like babies do when they're born me at ten fingers and ten terrorism used Kinchen and healthy looking. And we take them home from -- -- everything seemed fine. For the first five months we did what most parents did -- -- the Molly to come. Over to visit ballot says even tick minus first -- However at age of about six months he came down with Utley was his first call. We didn't want to be overreacted parents -- just kinda kept a close eye and hand. And but he seemed to really be struggling -- decided -- -- time to -- -- -- actor. My husband went with me when taken to -- actor to pediatricians that. Babies that are really stack -- and I -- and grant's Mount Etna has been admirers there activist that he's at I don't think there's anything really wrong with -- They took him back common over the weekend he really seemed to get lethargic and he really wasn't eating -- Wasn't sleeping balance and we decided we -- to take him back again. However this time we -- being more force -- actor we just really had -- gut feeling. That there's something that rightly pen and insisting that you please send this to pass that -- to have -- John. -- the pediatrician complied and went to the hospital. Just seems to Brockton -- in their system one Afghan and they can tell that something was seriously -- His left for Atlanta this thing announcement left and from that moment nine he went Maxygen. -- the days passed I. The doctors struggled to China for that was what was done with hands he got worse and Mars and transferred from hospital. To pass that up -- still -- answers. He ended up with thirteen blood transfusion his friend under finally -- he ended up on life support machine technologists. Heart lung bypass machine the for the doctors finally decided to just gain back seats trying to figure out what it was that was making him -- Island when the -- -- -- back to results came back. Room shack to learn that what they got he had escaped. Severe combined -- -- efficiency. -- I had seen in mideast. John Travolta the going to plastic bubble but I had no idea. And aromatic -- batter than that led. The real story of David -- and how he -- -- his bubble for twelve years I had no idea what kind of an impact this disease is gonna have -- At this point the doctors told us there really -- nothing else that they can do for every day and that the chance of survival with scant -- the sound stage that couldn't have a -- match transplant. There was nothing else do they told us americans' tendency. About other family and that weekend and second night handing did a lot of praying and hoped for America but unfortunately America didn't content. On -- -- we had to turn not to. Machines. -- -- -- -- -- sixteen years. -- I remember -- and remember it like it was yesterday. That's hard to spend a -- ever have to do. And nothing in life. Can never prepare if that.

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{"id":21182972,"title":"Mom Loses Son to 'Bubble Boy' Disease","duration":"3:00","description":"SCID Angels for Life Foundation co-founder shares her story with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency.","url":"/Health/video/mom-loses-son-bubble-boy-disease-21182972","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}