Mom Says Impaired Child Denied Transplant

Amelia Rivera, 3, has Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome and needs a new kidney.
1:30 | 01/18/12

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Transcript for Mom Says Impaired Child Denied Transplant
Turning. -- and Joseph Rivera were shocked when they say a doctor at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Told them their three year old daughter Emilia or media. Included get a kidney transplants. Even though she needs it to survive. He told -- she wasn't eligible for a transplant. Because of her mental retardation. -- Was aware that he's. It was upsetting. And it was. And the wrong -- Meat has -- Hirsch warns centrum it's a rare genetic condition that affects her mentally and physically. She can't walker talker but does communicate with their eyes and smile -- We just -- and -- said her family she is just like. Any other child and any other -- A spokesperson for chops as they can't comment -- -- privacy laws but they did release this statement. In part saying -- Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Does not disqualify potential transplant candidates. On the basis of intellectual abilities. Art Caplan is a bio ethicist at the University of Pennsylvania he also can't comment on this case specifically. But says in this situation and you have to sort out the role of the mental ability. If that's always been taken into account that's -- that's discriminatory but if it's a genetic disease that has many many other complications. That's medically appropriate and not at all on ethical.

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{"id":15385141,"title":"Mom Says Impaired Child Denied Transplant","duration":"1:30","description":"Amelia Rivera, 3, has Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome and needs a new kidney.","url":"/Health/video/mom-says-impaired-child-was-denied-kidney-transplant-15385141","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}