The Debate Over Home Births

Dr. Jacques Moritz discusses the pros and cons of home delivery.
4:10 | 02/09/12

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Transcript for The Debate Over Home Births
The debate over the safety of home births was reignited recently. When tragically -- woman died of cardiac arrest after giving birth in her own home. So our home births too risky and what benefits of home delivery joining us to discuss -- ABC news medical. Medical contributor after top -- -- it's great to see -- to be here being here. So -- home births are certainly becoming more and more popular isn't that right. You know at home -- make up 1% of all the deliveries in America but in the last about five years. The popularity has increased 30% still a small number. But increasing its interesting that people that it's interesting are a lot of our viewers. Are really -- yuppie people -- people. That have insurance that originally I had very educated and they're just thinking that they want to do this at homestead hospital. Now -- I'm assuming that some of these people that are -- belittled her right because frankly yuppies giving -- and -- -- that'll wreck. Does that add a layer of danger right in so. You know giving birth in other countries appears to be -- -- -- here it appears to be safe. That's excluding. Anybody -- -- -- so if year. Old there at that makes food -- have diabetes if you have high blood pressure home birth is not for you so what's left are. -- really low risk people and what the studies have shown is that it is pretty much equal. For the mother to deliver at home -- -- this woman was an advocate of home birth and she died in Australia after having a home birth that can happen in the hospital. When things happen at home everyone questions may be the life consistency and hospitals and that's an excellent point faculty die in childbirth you can do hospital they do that's right and the reason people want to deliver on -- like the -- one -- -- The reason is they usually say that they feel more comfortable in their own sending me leave their bathroom there's no bright fluorescent lights. They don't have -- is coming in taking their blood pressure over and over and over and over again there's no noise outside. No time limits two in a hospital sometimes you -- you didn't exactly how the navy or get -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- manipulative -- -- -- a -- -- Things they're scared of C sections and he's got a C section rates going up so much home births people that are successful have a lower C section rate so those are all the reasons. Always -- one thing comes another and doesn't always you know what are the disadvantages. So we went through kind of what's what and why would you want to do right. And in what what. You know. There are certain risks. The studies have shown that the baby. Sometimes doesn't do as well. At home. In think well if if you need resuscitation of the baby needs to go to an -- You have to transfer maybe not it's a rare events and but -- can happen more -- -- in -- and of course that there is some emergency situation adds that's always that's always a debate you know what happens it's you know labor. Is a natural things should go natural occasionally. It goes really really back. If that happens at home yes the midwives trained she could do certain things so what do you tell you. The good question. I mean I've been supposedly a proponent of home -- I think and a proponent of people having choice and people have to understand. If you are low risk and you think you can do this and feel comfortable and you can't do -- -- you -- have a backup system you've got to have a back up plan. You've got to have. And a will be that's willing to be there in case something goes wrong and receive -- possible there's a lot of things that have to be done before we have -- have experienced midwife. And have to make sure and look itself in the Beyonce. And my little risk is this the best place for me to deliver and -- so and there will be no pain medication. There's no pain medicine but the components -- say listen you can -- it happened between. You really don't need pain medicine it is painful what you can get through -- people have been doing it yourself. And it's a -- and on on another note these associations -- AMA and the American college they are all against home they say it's a dangerous thing. People used to deliver home it was not safe it's going answers and lots of buzz on the Internet say the odds are about everything I've read a thank you are walking us through the -- -- run.

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{"id":15551129,"title":"The Debate Over Home Births","duration":"4:10","description":"Dr. Jacques Moritz discusses the pros and cons of home delivery.","url":"/Health/video/moritz-doctor-baby-home-birth-health-15551129","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}