Mother and Son Team Up to Help Addicts

Debbie and Brandon Knauss stage drug interventions on TLC's "Cracking Addiction."
3:00 | 10/02/12

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Transcript for Mother and Son Team Up to Help Addicts
Mind you she -- and the oh wow. Don't wanna end. Oh yeah. World. I was wrong. -- -- is sitting listening to what your family has to say. Without interrupting an imminent danger chance that whatever you want respond and that'll be it. -- -- your mother star who had. Anjelica. I have seen you go from a bright. Organized college student. Took co dependent -- -- -- greedy thief. I feel -- broken hearted. Equally torn apart are fatally. I feel embarrassed. The everyday I -- -- -- mother baby unit. Knowing that my first grandchild. Is going to be born addicted. Angelica. If you are not willing to take part in this recovery process today. I will contact Child Protective Services. And report that you're pregnant isn't illegal threats but no prenatal care. You don't. I -- -- -- -- lost -- pigs are those who left. -- -- -- -- Especially times and I felt that you -- -- -- Have watched you -- first daughter. Daddy's girl. The first beautiful. Kept tipped. -- -- -- Through her life. Not all opportunities don't -- plus the drugs. Oh my daddy's girl back. --

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{"id":17380352,"title":"Mother and Son Team Up to Help Addicts","duration":"3:00","description":"Debbie and Brandon Knauss stage drug interventions on TLC's \"Cracking Addiction.\"","url":"/Health/video/mother-son-team-help-addicts-17380352","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}