'Motivated' podcast: Incredible weight loss transformations

Two fitness trainers who lost a combined 200 pounds share their weight loss success stories on this episode of "Motivated" with Mara Schiavocampo.
28:01 | 07/10/17

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Transcript for 'Motivated' podcast: Incredible weight loss transformations
After struggling with my weight for years I lost nineteen pounds and it capped it off uncovering the keys to eight. Healthier happier life along the way and Sharon let your in the bestselling memoir inspire. What are your someone who works out regularly certainly gained a little bit of your way back or you just need some help staying on track staying motivated is key. And now we've got the top health wellness and fitness experts as well listen every day people to help you out. I'm mark give a couple of and hits its motivated. We're talking about weight loss success what it takes to lose weight and also to maintain because that's about Ratliff on maintenance and changing lifestyle than humans to really amazing inspiring. Guests. She and a freed who lost. Matt you're just thirty pounds I was trying to. And your route one I've and it on this hill went from 310 to 190. That he intentionally at the holes story. Lost it all again we actually just discovered here it all restart archery at the same time for those don't know. My story. After my daughter. Forty pounds to lose again and we all started. This is your you've been on together unknowingly. But it's also really unfortunate that it's been more than five years. Maintenance which is an important milestone because studies have shown people keep way. Here's tends to be successful monitors a well. Day. Review. Give us your story and it went into that direction because I hear from you you know you are almost 300 pounds enterprise did you get to. That's. Well all my life I struggled way from. A child and I I would say the main reason how I got almost 300 pounds like your movements Eva. On the hope that I hated. Ever loosely. I says it's and I came to an acceptance that this is was the way I was going to be for the rest of my life I tried I tried I tried. And I kidneys to fail. And I was sick of failing. So. I remember earlier yesterday Lichter sitting in my room just like crying. Just coming you know having saints myself that I have to come to the acceptance. I'm not gonna be. I'm gonna be 300 pounds or more for the rest of my life. And yeah but that that is probably how I got to them that way. And on a practical level what was your lifestyle like way to weed eating you know to be traveling a lot in who invite circumstances that are contributing to an issue we can exercise. For I mean I decided over an overly a lot of my life him. In this I was in the Florida at the time I was at my heaviest and my lifestyle I was a life coach and worked a former Foster kids so I was on the road a lot. And my my intake of feet would primarily be thestreet and soda. That was it fester and soda. And that's what is what I eight firfer a long time. An exercise. How mean excite I would I would think that effect committed to a trainer and out how that commitment I would go to the gym. So yet exercise sporadically. Drug or that Jim was typical. Because I'd be look that different. We were talking about this before Ehrlich you know being you know what society thinks someone should be. And I walk into a jam and I have plans to show if they don't want literally jam. Because they're looked at differently. I always actually make a mental note to send such a loving energy to people who were heavy who were exercising because you know a lot of people feel that way I felt that way and be. It's a lot harder for people who are trying to get into shape. In terms of that expected musicality of it so I was in my life of their working a lot harder than most the rest of us deserves an applause. Focus I want you to podger Storey apartment and doesn't want it get your starting point so your eyes with 310 to each had a dig at that point. Who. So I good job and everything and then as a decided to leave my job and sought a new business venture. And wants that business ventures failed. I went to a deep depression very deep also hired a lease your problems. But I had to be lead wasn't mine found this'll all this dislike bill bill bill build them and slowly started to become depressed. And before you know it and he realized that I would I think I'm maybe started at 230 to forty and before you know announcing 310. Wasn't coming up the house my friend he forced me to come out house offering Johnson broke you have to come out man you know he's walk through something. Salaam. Haas from the I started going out and thought it was walking. Try to use commit to a gym anything to stop walking and from there walking became a meditation for rape soul and from live from walking and running. An informant and sort of lose weight for you know it howls like 190 an enormous that I am going to bubbly. You have yeah. If they lose weight. Throw a bomb but yet so eulogized by depression depression due to that stage so you didn't grow up happy. Phil most my life I've been an obstacle husky. Right so yeah I thought I was always out and when I go to school anatomy uniforms and Huskies right arm if that means socially it's much easier to be asking them to be a chubby woman right lightweight but at that time like me I was Devoe ladies man boobs that hate even as acute. So like for meals or self conscious of winning author and her group clothing I like the pool house music teacher at the pool. In and go to do note almost a teacher got way who have worked for me right now that I Ortiz are content but. It saw him but yet so I struggle with that. But he didn't if you weren't living a fit life no you weren't at your extreme. Heaviest. For and extent of your time on the depression you or it to over the top so like you said aka before I was like husky. Most Mullen and gain the depression just to do what do mere realizing. Partition I want to pick a pack refuse to what was the change for use usage you had except. It you're always going to be 300 pounds today you are not three underground if you look fantastic thing and more than looking fantastic you live a mentally. Fit and healthy and Kyle insane lifestyle how did you get to that point what was the turning point. So. Eleanor said before I was trying to go to the gym trying to find something of a type of exercise that I enjoyed and I think that's very important. To find the tide of exercise that you enjoyed he has a moderate yet you have to love it because I don't you know I tell my clients via I don't want them to go to the gym. Or class and not love it what why go if not a shortcoming punishment and I'm not trying to undo there's so many things out there that you can find that you love so for me. A friend of mine had a friend who was a professional boxing coach. And she says to me she know why do you go try it Juanita try it out. So I went. A I loved it. I fell almost you don't mind you boxing you know we all have emotional mental you know stuff going on our life so for me I think. I have a lot of built up inside. You know. With the way I looked at you know feel like a failure and you know coming to an acceptance. Like I'm gonna be this way for the rest of my life and it wasn't just a physical early release it was an emotional release and I film world boxing for the for from the first very first time. Mind you I could not go more than ten minutes without feeling I was in a die. So in that moment I would say a light bulb went off in my saying okay this is it this is this is you know my break I guess you can say. That if you know if IE. I have a chance there is a chance I don't have to accept this is the way am going to be. I have to fight for it I'm not gonna come in here and enjoy every second of it but this is something that I loved you. And I wanna continue to do it I can't just box five days a week and eat mcdonalds and Taco Bell you know every single day. So from that point on I completely stopped eating fast food completely south soda. And just from that this week started dropping water. With amazing to me is that cut that marriage between fitness and food and other really encourage each other. That when you have a great work out your mountain activity that you love and you see yourself getting on EC results. And you want to support. The right there right diet with the right food and and then you want to go right stronger in the gym everyday working hand in hand and I knew that. Lake because I I shuttle finally all my life so I knew that food has something to do with it. I can't continue boxing. And eat the way I was eating and so I you know politics and I tried all these diets I tried needle a Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or all these types of diets and I could run those places at that point so I knew that lake you know I can make it happen. I can make it happen if I made the choice set to start this fight. And and that's what I did you know to give us a snapshot of your life today so how often exercising what kind of exercise due due and then what does your diet look like. So. I exercise. I would say six days a week. I'm not realize some time that he seven Exxon's you know sometimes the lake on Tuesday. I looked at my cat weapon in my county are looking accounts are I'd worked worked out fourteen gay straight. Without taking a break and I'm not saying it to promote it. I'm saying it that our bodies need rests so might my typical is six days a week I take a day off. In that day off I found part of the Sinai helps my body recover. Health plan muscle were muscles recover. I have to change my work out every couple months you know I guess adamantly you know my body. Says okay it's time for a change like you know you wanna see some more results it's time to change it out. So typically I would do arm into boxing. A lot I love boxing I'm actually hoping to your charity fight in November but actually bites actually fight someone. I'm dying to get punched in the face that means you comes from and I really would like to buy a ticket museum in Washington me I mean. If you're asking I would apps I want I don't wanna get hit in the face for the first time life when somebody's attacking me if if that were to ever happen I wanna know what it feels like it's our human. Lieutenant that an odd diverting excited. Also boxing I always you know. We are talking about before Ehrlich in a boxing is not justly. The party at work out I'm learning or box and I want me on my goal within my fitness within my fitness journey ultimately lost journey. It's a goal of mine to just get entering into wants to do once among them with a professional quieter. This morning you know how that it's here and here in your diet is what do you follow any particular my diet you know what right now I just added strength training site IE you know it didn't have actual strength training training in my fitness regiments so I just that so. I'm just adding more proteins my diet my socially have to eat more meat more meat more meat more me. It on the type of person I love sweets you know I love sweets. So it's moderation from me it's actually in moderation I do want to get to that because those ethically we disagree completely on but the bad thing because at that all of this is very personal what works for. Donna how about you what was the turning point for year. The turning point oh well. Houses Tyler be in a sick and tired of being sick time you. And I had to realize for the first time. Not a work of two who were Couri so I wish it uses is need vs meeting them I tell myself that all the time competing with anybody but me too so I swear I used absurdity as you are you telling their announcement quick and avoid. Like limits on myself like you know me now those. Yes and so those fluffy university can't Wear flak for it no fly fish university. Com have high fees causes a fly. Several women and gets away. On the crop ultimately tanks. And recommend ethics woes that we request. Alone but yet so I'm I just wanted to to feel better about myself I was kind of look at in America and not liking itself. Eaten so what's your ears snapshot like now how often you work out what kind of work ST dew and what I keep polyps or work out well when I didn't show either I'd. It was doing like seven days a week now our Duma for the five a which aggregate survey and and so consumers to clients right now are far Duvol for the five days a week. When I was losing weight and any permanent drop some way I do a key lieutenant. Dye was the key thing of writing to toast his which you don't high fat. High protein and low cards right I've that's like actions like Jack is right but we wanna get cards in embodiment caused two greens right supposed to have your brokerage details. Anything green expanded and in our fluctuate between that and is read the local Simi died. Which is as always keep sugar low shouldn't cards is like. This Islamist elements in many ways right well they just get gaining weight but also with cancers in all kinds of elements we gave so I very strict on that. But here in the air I do have a cheap meal which is one hour a week and a quotes he meal Medici date you know I mean so. Let's get into this good now we've you both touchdowns and I am of the preacher against this but with an asterisk. You have to know yourself. So for my entire life I had into my money's dollars and it's my mother was never hurt me about Miley did she that was never I think she's always enemy just testing the moderation you have everything in moderation. That was never true from me and I had to get to the point where I realized. Have never been able to eat one cookie and a package of always and eating the entire thing. If I have failed at the attempt at moderation every time I've tried. I can't eat just one so I'm not even gonna try to eat just one I'm gonna say divide that it's going to be different I love do you you're gone. You know coming back so that is how I live my life I know the things that I cannot eat in moderation and I've used those as an alcoholic use drinks. I can't have just one and have a cheat our. Cheat our from you attendance to eight month the details we don't have humanly any tribe of sweets or anything for years I was tell people that is my ideal that is what I strive for but I am human. So I do fault but when I fall it's due to a moment of weakness or stressed. It does not work from but now both of you have said that that streets and to achieve our work and you're able to bang it back on track right it was a. That's when I do market told says when I when I don't tell my clients to be out Quito is that we do three weeks the first time out would do three weeks no cheap once because 'cause immensely we have to get you start focusing on how you view fools are so we got to kind of like detox you. Blake is almost like going use of alcohol and going to you meetings right he got a gold three weeks four weeks whatever he he can't have that alcohol be around so they have to that one week. One hour sorry that cheat meals kind of just like offset the by a little bit kind of like we jumping and and go right back. If you think that the cheating at an accident and there's some debate about why a lot of people believe it's at meals help your body will help me right because we start the plateau and is thought to be used to what I've noticed him will mark clients so it does it kind of like jump started like we can excellent news and don't get to use of his Keogh. And it like almost like we junction metabolism to make it work harder because now he was averages. Green means and whatever high fats and proteins in there you go all the scarred me all the hell's going on. All hands on deck. Rank and so you're able to you can have one cookie so when you said that I laugh because its economy joke within my nice my friendship circles and I'm people who in my life. Before I certainly lost earning nothing and moderation I mean I ENI EIA and everything anything in front make. I think for me it's a healthy fear. But I don't want to go back to malaria was. Because I was so unhappy you know it's about the outside through Tulsa about the size I was so desperately unhappy with what how I looked and how I felt. And what assets are running joke to this day I can't have I tell my clients you know. Not immediately but eventually you can have you can Q what you could have. A bite of that Kate. Or one cookie or for example you know every once in awhile Alec Eminem's although get a bad Eminem's I'll tape. A couple as a package author of the package out so I don't even have that option that to eat the whole package. I can't top the only reason I only wish I can describe how I am able to do that today is a lesson don't UN describe is a lesson. What's interesting what I have noticed is it I have learned of Eric climate in food there are problems from him for the not a problem and it's not even it's not agree at all. You know I can eat to potato chips you can put an animal in Miami and I won't be any bail on me you put tumble of a plate of donuts and my house. They will torture me EMI sleep. Madonna talking about regaining the seventy pounds so you did something. You could not pay me enough money. You and you could tell me go bomb occasionally you do you them via the net enhanced weaken Caribbean and no man and you've gained seventy pounds back for a TV show. So that you could lose it again with your clients that you could have the experience together what was that. Oh man. It was Jeffrey. And experience and and they did not pay me enough for what they thought. I go to like they did not. So the reason why did it and is because. I know what people going through some men who would be really into a social media is very new unbelievable we have all these great ironies cemetery room grew bright but it's not obtainable was not realistic for. The first stage of your goals rightly so I say you know what let me show people if I can gain weight that it is possible loses them and go as hard as I came. To do supplements opened fire. They weren't hard because being overweight is was a state of depression for me. Try to capacity constantly consciously tell myself. Listen trust to process this is not going to be you forever it. This is not the old you you're different you have different kind of Mecca phased them behind man until he in my you have to control your doors control your mind. And accountability. I was having. We losing I have people around me that was accountable too good to know linguists and this is what I'm doing but on it was it was it. It was hard. The hardest by his all clothing and to put on Oklahoma and like these old jackets won't be there was maim and stop this crazy isn't that like it almost like goosebumps and I think about what that we feel like all star who I was with America coldest since before X and operated on them like them this is crazy. My old jeans and loses it made me feel like I was in that plays would I just had constant trauma so. You doing it with someone else and effective death was being was don't if someone else. What did you learn about yourself the new U having to go back to it to old habits to old clothes. And then come back out of it again. My. Why do realize that I am stronger person. America and it. Really what really helped me and experts road right because. Like really book to guide to this fall of that. Is that series for me com. As like heat seeking to sound like illness and you know let me get here but you gotta bring me beg borrow. Like how do this for the people got to. Face it you know I would look like Europe. Boyd is. It will do if it wasn't it was easy but I learned that I am stronger person and that I can do have a poem mind to. I realize this is my purpose is mark going to go out to help by any means necessary as a gift from Malcolm X. Previous outbreak that that our. That's an pictured here magnanimous. But I looked at about the spiritual component. That for me has been huge. The spirituality that gets me through the challenges that me being in the first place. I'm but also the spiritual connection to my body. To loving my body as a verb. Not because of what it looks like but because of what it can do because of what it carries me through because it created two adorable wonderful little minds again it's really loving my body and wanting to love it with good food with things that are good for it. The other day on the treadmill I'm feeling some pulling on my hamstring. I'm not I have nothing to prove I'm gonna love my body a minute take it down a notch and figure out what's going on with Malick and US the biggest I mean. We are talking also before about the stereotype and what someone to look like someone niece a lot like him. I think for me personally that infected meat loving my body allowed outside factors you know people. In this world. Beat on stilts a look a certain way and Sosa via certainly. You know it's and I agree you know having faith you know having you know a spiritual connection. Is important atomic plants all the time. Your body can do this it's a mind to mind a mind game I tell all time and they curse me how my body can activists I'm dying right now. I see your body you know you're not injured you know your healthy. You don't have anything going on physically it's a mind game I yelled and classes all the time is you know your mind trying to play tricks on you right now. You could do this and that's what it really isn't it was from meats it's still is you know what I struggled spills sometime in pork now. And and it's it's definitely you know. It's one I'm telling myself and my what are you I always ask those question what is yourself top what are you telling yourself you are moments. And difficulty and talent do you have a monitor that you go to give them moderately to. Figures are threatened to be your brain I think I realize a lot of different. I see a lot of different things I mean. I mean taxi and after the service. You know keep going don't quit. And you know yet there's not one specific terrorists and it depends on what data is what I'm dealing. The. Well first I believe that we all grieve sorrow is so he's and one of its like looking in Queens so we have to understand and know so allow a lot of things happen in people's lives is what happened is almost like. Is there is buried deep down inside you so we like tar memorial relationships all kinds of things happening is he keeps compounds on top of that all I do agree down. And Poland Greece out of use all in this so if you understand that you are great and you do. And you deserve more and to become a better version of himself I think you'll you have no of his Georgia an obligation to keep gong -- frightening. Whether it's from fitness or just everyday living right keep fighting push forward we will have a purpose Korea defying at her was who lived through them I mean we don't give one life. I think that to fool her right and have fun right. A decade and injury. Through there any dog you have Montrose that you tell yourself like when you're trying to get at one rapper you're running Emmett for a while isn't Clinton says it is is university desperate to myself all the time you got this is you which is you me was me Uga and asked my main thing I tell myself that fall. The home and me because I realized I only me only I can start me. I want it and with the isn't really positive and and motivating and uplifting as we were speaking to people who are on our journey as the big of people were trying to get there. A lot of people think that this is about wearing smaller close. It or having ads if that's all it was about that would not sustain me David de. What is the gift that you have gotten from the likes what would you tell your old self. If I were talk to the old me who weighs 300 over you know almost 300 pounds. I would say keep fighting. Don't give up. You know it's worth how is better today it was the first thing that comes so my mind is. I don't I'm pistons say no I'm not treated differently in the world. An act I feel sad for the people. You know the overweight adult or the or overweight teenager and school that is treated differently because of their weight size and you know that's fine if it's awful. It's so awful. It chokes me up it's it's it's awful and brings me such anger. But that happens. And there's so many other things but that you know I would walk you know as an adult. You know someone you know would call me you know hey fatty you know get out of the way. You know I would want to run home and put my head under the bed and never come up again and ultimately get the final word and that's how how is your life better what went gifts have this lifetime giving it. Well it did realize that. Now in Lima stronger person physically but mentally. I realize that I can accomplish and do whatever poem reminds you and I was a feeling that I'd never would have before the feeling to be able to Waco and the like this American companies they can and his days of feeling to be a look at yourself and just be. Happy again Mecca that as woods is that I'm the best version of myself right cartel had to give better. We always do about it but feel happy while I was telling before. I usage is love the of the bat the mayor because unit was home they had a right and we packed full by Miramax right hand of Poland are rock guy in Kenya and passed out. But I. But now that I can sit back and look at that baffled by Merriam. This is cool man and I feel better about myself and we feel better about to sell. You oppose everything in life the same way weather is like abortions and you want comment to me scenario might. I respect my so allow myself doing it like that so I realize when I was bigger. I let a lot of people who might. T me like crap you know I'm saying because I felt like crap. You know different. And grace are great and well it went into over the name tomorrow because we started the same time. Maybe that wouldn't work on that people tweet you yes yes that's an idea I mean mark camp and like a loaf that. A body by our lives is. A figure where you'll find. Also on social media embodied by a guidance on everything is program and off FaceBook. A Madonna's hill. It is a Grammy in Miami shaft free SHA day FR I ED and I am currently not based on the east book. Break at the moment. Nobody else on here great if they have exhibited Vento mark was so that they say god so much because of the cumulative thing and you let Gomez journey isn't there. Now lives.

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