'Motivated' Podcast: Meal prep and exercise made easy

Make healthy meals and exercise part of your daily routine with these practical tips from nutritionist Maya Feller and fitness expert Jamie Krauss Hess.
24:56 | 08/25/17

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Transcript for 'Motivated' Podcast: Meal prep and exercise made easy
At that they weren't talking about planting every year with two lovely women you know all about planning a healthy and fit lights my F Feller. Is a nutrition and she's in New York City based registered dietitian nutritionist she's also mom to two these to cut compared rookies are picky eaters and repeat appointments make the remotely make it pretty and fun for them. And Jamie Krauss hats she is one of the masterminds. And might see fit and the other masterminding her husband and as you selected as one of women's health and women's how amazing action heroes 2016 she's also a public relations executive. At the narrative group and mom to Mason Mason eighteen. A lot of the time I can't figure out here we are three moms. Careers. And all about the struggle to balance your life and start with because. When it comes to a healthy lifestyle and agree it is the biggest piece. So inviting to share and an emblem used. To go to the grocery store. No plan with Hungary and restore I would walk around the store I would pick up things that looked good. I think maybe on the that stance that the plan in the store. And go home in the way and then when I was hungry I would open for to and I would try to figure out when I was going to eat. And most often turn out to be whatever was quick which was often was process. It was no rhyme or reason. That is not necessarily the best strategy. For a healthy. And live with. With very different that my nutritionist. What are you recommend. How far should we've been planning and should be preparing. What's the blueprint. OK so the blueprints going to be different for every single person and however the word plea and that is at the forefront planned plan and then plan again that's literally my motto everywhere you see me that's what I'm saying. So if you're someone who's working Monday through Friday nine to five then you can think about eight. In relation to Monday through Friday and then the weekend's going to be something separate. You're gonna think about the three meals that you have each single day and whether or not you're someone who wants to have to snacks or one snack hear also gonna think about. What kneeled my having in my home. Which you'll still need brought Ian and which meals and I actually purchasing out and on the ago so that's kind of how you're gonna look at that freed mark right. So if you know that you're going to work in your and it expects to have the majority of your lunches at work. And you're able to make them at home then I'm assuming that gross treatments they're gonna think what is the components that I want it might latch. I always say go plant forward gray. You're gonna start by making the base of all of those Neil plates. Why because it's filled with anti oxidant to any vitamins minerals and wonderful nutrients that your body wants and needs. Then you're gonna round out that line with a nice lean protein. I'm a huge anti inflammatory persons I'm gonna say go for chicken go for fish I love it right if you're a vegetarian I'm gonna say look friendly to a not for a seat. And then I also see think about having a starchy vegetable or a green tree you've got those three components of the meal. Now we're gonna step back and we're gonna say or write their five lunches and they know that I need three components always. So you have to clean and to buy in bulk right you need to get enough food to that you can make it through those five lunches with the three components. And then let's think you're having breakfast at home simplify make the same breakfast Monday through Friday until you get palate fatigue and then to something different. Right so then you're gonna have your fife breakfast you've got your five lunches and then dinner if that's the wild card and you're gonna go out. IC Fink had of where you're actually couldn't go right what kind of foods going to be on the menu and maybe even go so far as to go on line. And take a look at the Manny before you get there so that you can plan and it paints. If you're going to be making your dinner at home try to patch cooked the same way that you would as with your lunch. And make you know three dinners and then on Wednesday make your next two dinners. So that's Monday through Friday at the weekend right. The weekend is what those us all so I say. Think about it literally on Thursday if you can't start thinking where you going on who you can it be lit what is the Nielsen your and a hat. And try to say irate I can control what I me getting. And I'm not making it to Europe backs again you're gonna be plant forward to your opinion be thinking kind of in those components for rounding up please. And out now that sounds like a lot of work is a lot of work on it yet it's a lot of work and I my new playing it takes about an hour. It's a lot of work with a little chart. But then make the rest that we keep so what does this look like and realize that Jamie what does this look like for you and we decide that before it went on here about perfection the perfection. You see people and spamming their meals like on the same container that perfectly portion chicken and that's not my looks like that was though in reality what is your what is your meal plan. I think first of all it's really important to understand when we talk about not going off the rails in Africa and author what happens when you go off the rails. Know that you will OK like you will. And I think one of the most important things for me is to remember that. He now there's going to be moments for a moment and especially on the weekends and you want to talk a lot about the weekends because we all struggle. If you go a little off the rails you have to pack self compassion he have to dust yourself off yet to be ready to move forward because it's gonna happen. Okay we look at every thing my husband and I and we front and my teeth it can be really come from kind of the same philosophy. We look at everything from a place of gratitude OK that's the most important thing for us I think a lot of people look at. Fitness as a chore they look at meal planning as a chore I'm too busy how and I kept possibly for this amendment that he lifestyle. All of it is an opportunity it truly truly is. So we look at fitness through the lands. You know something that is a gift for us to get to deal rather than an errand. On and the same with Neil prepping IAE. Never caught my whole life. In the New York Kirk. I don't particularly like to cut. If there are people who don't like to cook and they don't love food and the idea of spending three hours thinking about their meals make the money go back to bad. And tips for saving time making it less painful can buyer prepared foods absolutely I say to my patients who don't like to cook. It's actually okay the idea is eating healthful balanced diet in the correct portions so you need to get chefs helpers Wear it like your onions are pre cut. Where your vegetables or cut. Then do so I even say to them it's absolutely fine to hack your food brought in as long as you're still within the parameters. Plea forward. Mean pro teens healthy Koreans and starches. It doesn't matter who makes it what matters is what's actually in the food and it's brought to you so that you can concealment. And England value any tips and time saving tax totally any markets here's the thing were to different people rates so if I had to spend. Three or four hours preparing my food I would jump off a bridge to I. There's other things you know. Fitness is is my fashion nutrition is something I pay. Just as much attention to but because I have to you know not because I want I wanna go to the gym I don't want to stand there is nothing like you know however. Com. One of the most fun things one of the best parts of cooking with my husband and the thing that thinks that he's kind of taught me. Our that they are they are such great hack. None of our dinners take more than twenty to twenty minutes to me and the cook everything. We have come up with three or four recipes really see she an ounce. And we cook them every day and we cut extra and that is what I take to work the next day so when I you know I don't spend three to four hours preparing. A menu that's very diverse for the entire week. We have a couple staples we stick to them they work for us we enjoyed them with them a little bit but they're basically staples. And one of the armory because I Maez has been nutritionist you help me in my pregnancies Tim Duncan is my first pregnancy was a mass rally was macaroni and cheese and chips. And they didn't want the settlement and you helped craft a plan that didn't didn't mimic the first. And I remember one of the things that can easily don't get palate fatigue and bad that well that's a very fancy ways that you don't get bored with you're eating. Which is a big problem I find myself making on them but in a meal plan together I'm writing the same thing week after weeks of an area to erase it I'm Mike my diaries were like well looks just like that last week that can get very boring how do you stay away from that. So there are a number of ways to do that so if whereas for focusing on that play it forward right and that's the beef in you know all you need to have your dark leafy greens. Fines can happen cooked rock I think pay attention to temperature and texture right. As long as there on your clean it doesn't matter what form they're in if you're a person who likes a salad and have a salad PR person who wants cook that have it cooked. Think about roasted think about you know that. Texture of how it's going to show up. And then I also say it's absolutely fine to inferior proteins he can have ticking you can have fish you can have lean cuts of meat. You don't have to have the same thing every single day. You can even switch it up and have like a scene you can do you know. The Green Bay salad with a little bit of green more non starchy vegetables lean protein on the site just plea with the components as long as you're getting. To pump fault of non starchy vegetable around upon full of the lean protein and then you want to have some starch. Everybody needs a little bit to start because if you cut at a your diet. There's going to be a point at which you kind of go rather Knisley wild and then you are at risk of over eating it so I say. He attention to the static type of starches. You can have the Tito sweet potato pumpkin squash black Christ brown rice. You know play with its limited doesn't get boring but it's just kind of looking for the variation with in justice he's sad you know. That read teen it doesn't need to take 45 minute that can take certain and it Tina just have the components at the ready so he can toss them on the plate. And how far in advance do you recommend Pratt institute of things you don't wanted to go pattern to taste fresh anymore right so. Anything that you Max cook let you make kind of a large portion of should be OK in your fridge. For a maximum of dvds if it is I do maximum after yes if it's based it's good for up to three days right out. Protein so pro teens I really feel like if you make check in on Monday here and no one consume it pay to stay that he had 2 yes I am I mean I'm in my lucky that I haven't gotten some food borne illness because I letting go economic money Friday Wright is so you know. It's a question write about you know how much risk do you want to take an I always counsel my patients and here on the side of caution. In reality you probably could push it for days and be absolutely okay but. I say you know growth treaties maximum. And from a logistical sampling you mentioned your Tupperware right so do you take up where and then wash it. In the office do you take disposable Tupperware and it would acknowledge the small nuances of this life including your curse I of the act Elizabeth Tupperware an anti something I walked in this morning with my you know fancy hand and I had. Plastic bags have been there one beat CNN news wrapped and under impacted grilled chicken and but publicly this. The time I have lost the most later I felt the holiness was usually when I was eating them honest at eight so I myself up for six tax. I have so much grilled chicken. Baby Kerry it's. Apple's the fruits and vegetables that I like I have so much of that in my fridge both at work and it that I wouldn't even be able to eat at all I try it. You know steamed broccoli just instantly. Continent on and eat in. Natalie money steam broccoli all day but. To go to actor in midday. Snack he also it's usually because I'm bored it's usually not because I'm hungry. It's very important to be able to tap and but also say that how I felt that snack. It took a you know since snacking on fruit and vegetables to the times I lose the most weight I never hungry. And never come because I'm always at my office mate sometimes they they look at me in wonderment because and back and forth to the kitchen all day because I eat it every two hours. At least. Am find that there's no shame in my game on pink on back and forth all day. Because I don't want to get to a point where I'm Hungary and the actually seen on meeting little amounts and meeting whose that are healthy. I also grew up suffering with eating disorder my entire life was that out punishment. You eat this you can eat dinner he had this now no dessert. My entire nutritional velocity is about a reward. And it is about giving myself what I need. And it's all about and loving the feeling of putting nursing foods and my body. So like I said before no problem with having a couple cookies after John Cummins chairman my family that's great. But are not eating a cookie you know white sugar and our. Needing something with notes and company and its marriage I feel good about putting in so that's really focus on. There isn't a spiritual quality to food at a time that some foods make my spirit of it and some things make me heal the housing authority and put them and a so let's talk about planning for exercise says that Jamie you're the go to now for exercise. Eat how often you work. OK and Wendy you plan. Your week's worth of work to hugely important thing actually I definitely do not just make up from the three planet Al Bay Area very cystic on the weekends because it really for us comes down to child care comes on to a lot of things. And it comes down to you you know. Any time and we can't it's probably not going to hop and so I happen you know I'm the morning work person in Chile in the mornings as when Imus energized if I have to work out after work. He is linked to tagging a thousand pound bag of rocks to the gym okay we'll get there by top two but. He is not preferable so my hope for success and do everything they can't in my power. To get myself the gym in the mornings and work schedule my husband. On highly that he might work out and really violently. There is boot camp happens to mimic it work out a deal of the lot. But it also at the switch. Mallorca op because nightly to have some variety. About 7% high intensity and a 20% restorative like you. I feel like it's real important for my brain as well because I'm always always thinking about you know. Tort calories and it's just no one completely and it is certain clean. You're gonna get protect your apps in different hats and it's really important. Like working out every day most trainers would say you need a rest day so I am I almost eight at a little bit like an Al let. This figure incorporating restore it day by incorporating restorative days. And not just doing my body and doing brain and my have you with tears in his playing like oh my fitness Manning is a lot more hap hazard and my mutation and. You don't spend three hours a week planning and you're gonna work out. I am a runner and I have an effort years. And Mary and I also left to run out the front dealer. You know and turn my watch on and go so I do work five days a week and it's a mixture of running or biking. And M. I'm lucky enough that the center where he patients. Equipment so in between patients. On track now. To go with the eats and two of where I can make it part into so are you catch as catch can get a work camp. Sell its two week view meet again. You know and and and the eighth meeting that look at my schedule and AC 45 minutes and then. I currently have clothing underneath my closing and machine but it's gonna happen and always happens before for the year making a primary evenly mean it's not necessarily know exactly when I'm wearing sneakers. Get. I and I are talking about this on their way you know. Fitting in it it takes I. It tastes flexibility so when I was treating for the marathon last year. My has been I live about five miles away from our offices so every other morning we would switch off one of us would run to work. The other one would take the subway down without that first persons act. So when you got to the other and you were sweaty he would have meant with my clothes and smile and an eyewitness shower and then we would switch off on the way home. Because there were no more hours in the day they're just aren't enough hours in the day weekend and all those miles to train for a marathon but we figured it out. Now all of this that they can feel a little overwhelming for someone who's just beginning his journey about this podcast is called motivated so this is you know this is everybody's not going to just start this tomorrow. In and we were talking before about perfection and it's just eat you just wants you have one foot forward right wanna make one small step. Towards making plans and support your lifestyle absolutely I always see Stepan right. So whenever I work with the patient you know someone will say oh you know I want to be at the gold standard. I say no no no no let's slowdown. And let's step in. Let's start with where we can find success if it's modifying your breakfast or modifying your lunch or modifying your dinner or your snacks. Then let's work on that and let's start with the easiest thing to modify first. Because that Larry Thanksgiving. Any of success and you feel re and you say you know what I can take that second step and the third step because it's really. Modifying. That food clean and is he long process that needs to be sustained about this is not about a quick fix this is about how to AT something that can be truly satisfying. Ian they're shooting for a now and in the locked. Atlanta quickly about the weekend thanks post back with it don't make your weekend. Which is the story. I've fall apart on weekends I'm very disciplined and structured during the week. And come Friday night them. So strategies for surviving weakens and featured an IP. Again it's at ballots setting yourself up for success and not setting yourself up for failure. You know. I know that I have a hard time not reading my own cabinets you know the lake. My husband's out of Thomas began I'm and be home alone with baby tomorrow guess is not gonna sit around in my apartment tomorrow because I know. That is a weakness of mind we're gonna go to the park we're gonna decent I'm and hands on my way home from the park. I'm not walking past the frozen yogurt store because I know I might stop there you know I really it is about planning every single area of your life. We also have something that we call accountability buddies so. Has been America and ability buddies and accountability buddies with about you know two dozen other win and women reach out to hand mr. Graham all the time. For help with motivation and hand how can I get started I talked to so many women that gunmen but a lot of women. That are exactly where you just said you know they're really trying to figure out hit a curiosity about that's. But not fitness and onyx they really wanna know how to make the first step it feels very overwhelming psyche about before it begun. Being having an accountability body simply means what it sounds like but you actually practice it we will go to the jam. Maybe I want to run one mile on the treadmill. And I know that after half a mile I get lazy and it sounds really a lot more appealing to to hop often go text on the locker room. I'm gonna make a commitment that at the end of that mile a minute take a picture of the dashboard of the treadmill and I have somebody that is pleading for me dissent not to them. It is a small small tactic but it may see. Huge huge defensive Korea idea eminent men to be accountable to you this weekend medica and oh yeah because we're gonna see each other preeminent publisher are okay the anger and hold me to. Not going off the rails for a and how are you any tips for the weekend yeah absolutely so you know. As we all said we know that there's the possibility to go off the rails with regard to that nutrition choices so I say. Leanne and think about you know where you can be what you couldn't eat who you can it be US what are the meals that are coming up. And control what's in the home right so the weekend is not a time to go. Bringing cookies and cakes and soda it no no no no because that make the outside so don't bring it into the home right. It's also a time to kind of say you know what I want to replenish and reset so that you can go into the week feeling good and it's okay if there's a slip up. It's a slip up. Then you hop back on at the next Neil not even the next day so few make you know a breakfast it's gigantic yes what. The next opportunity to have something in moderation is watch so Hollis now. Cost do you believe in planning indulgences and saying Sunday morning I'm gonna make a huge pancake breakfast and enjoy it and love it. So you know I really think if it's something that you truly line. And you say you really want it then blanket and enjoy it so don't have it on the go right. Making it or go to the place you want it to happen and dean Chilean make it worth it and make it worth it because when your mind the last. That's when you just say I give up forget it. That's experimenting them I'm make it work if I'm then slipped. Is going to be the best cookie an island of Manhattan it's not going to be some crap that's in land around the lunch rooms and a day after the meeting. A factory yeah I mean. You mentioned the word mindless and it's I want to talk for a minute I am mindful us. I think a lot of times it's left out. The message in my opinion wellness as a trifecta. Fitness nutrition and my infamous. For me when I attended off the rails is often when I get stuck in a repetitive thought they can't get out via. I want that cookie you know head and got all week and there's no reason I shipped to treat myself you know. Yes my belly like a bite and that I should get an animal share it's like Al validated all justify it I'll get myself to that cookie. Might planning is not just around fitness nutrition it's it's I structure everything I actually structure. My water intake and and I structure my meditation breaks. Super duper important. During the workweek it's a lot easier I have other things on my brain. But on the weekend you know my mind it's a bad neighborhood as Norwich I don't unaccompanied I didn't adult entertainment I need structure and down. And really regulating my water intake and mind meditation breaks and again meditation. Look he can be a two minute. Focusing on your brats get a little grounded there's some great meditation maps I highly recommend anybody listening download meditation apt to kind of help guide them through. It is amazing how it can re grounded re center you and plea out of a repetitive thought. And then there Pettit. We find ourselves and we just. Can't stop them toys. You guys have been so fantastic I do want to make the point and that that you guys are inspirational. You inspire me I aspired to be better ways because when in my view. But again. It's just about being. My pants are less than three hours grocery shopping not yet. Yeah and you. Restoration. And you don't have to add you know it's all about getting the food into the home. In any way that's realistic when the purse and you food which I think it's amazing you're something me and beat them. And finally to inspire others also. When you boost the morale others. There's of them. So you can get enthusiastic. And get little gratitude around. And sign on an. God inspires some announcement Thomas. And Jamie. People can find and they. Might need it and mine I. If you line comes the New York City with an athlete Dickinson in mind. And they. Q. It.

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