Moustaches for Health

"Movember" campaign raises awareness for men's health issues.
5:41 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for Moustaches for Health
Well let's November or. Move -- as this month is known in some circles and you may have noticed mustache and sprouting on manned space of all around you. Well he'll be relieved to know this isn't a flashback to the eighties -- these mustaches are part of a campaign to raise vital funds and awareness for men's health. Specifically cancers that affect men. Joining me -- to tell all about the move -- campaign and the mustache is the come along with that. Our move members director of partnership development Jack choate and five year testicular cancer survivor and three year but -- Matt committee gentlemen thank you so much for joining us today thanks for having asked how -- a little bit about the movement how -- got started. And so November actually started about eight years ago down in Australia sort of on a lark as a joke. Between a few buddies. Actually as you said it's not the -- they were talking about. Where did the mustache go from the eighties and the mustache for someone -- a sex symbol if you will was you know Tom -- exactly. Sports stars had them celebrities have them. And they said you know -- Let's bring the mustache back so their idea was to have -- party at the end of the month of November that would be mustache thing. To do that they demanded that their friends go clean shaven on the first of November. And grow -- which is aussies slang for mustache. For -- thirty days of November and and culminate their journey with that wonderful mustache -- -- and then how did that get teamed up with that fighting -- cancer. So they have the party back in 2003 and as you can imagine there's definitely some damage. After you grow a mustache from scratch for thirty days they all -- one thing in common when they were sort of reassessing. Things there their wife their mom their girlfriend their boss someone important to them -- their life and -- what are you doing. You cannot be and regular society growing a mustache and scratch. So long story short -- started thinking of ways. That they can continue to do so they looked in the causes and eventually found their way to prostate cancer. And discovered the diagnosis rates of prostate cancer are similar to that of breast cancer in women. So they send our kids let's do this. For men's health and caused -- to get the -- out exactly and that you are prostate cancer survivor and graduates testicular cancer and you were diagnosed at 24 -- -- testicular cancer actually is cancer that affects a lot of young men. And so well it was very surprising to me -- meaningful health and my mid twenties to.

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{"id":14927533,"title":"Moustaches for Health","duration":"5:41","description":"\"Movember\" campaign raises awareness for men's health issues.","url":"/Health/video/moustaches-health-14927533","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}