All-Natural Cold and Flu Prevention

Dr. Travis Stork shares his tips on how to stay healthy this winter.
5:15 | 11/15/11

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Transcript for All-Natural Cold and Flu Prevention
It may seem like avoiding that winter cold is impossible but there are ways to reduce your risk of getting sick. Here with some all natural ways that they healthy this cold includes -- and -- doctor Travis stork host of the doctor. Doctor -- thanks so much for being with us today -- appreciated since the first step to beating cold and flu season is being prepared for. -- you can prevent. A lot of the illnesses that we deal with. I always say certainly the mothers did -- -- -- vaccinated against the flu anyone over the age of six months we really recommend you get the flu shot. Now's the time not in February or march after you've gotten the -- so be prepared that's the first that you can take. And it's official -- a little bit with the. No -- none -- -- flu vaccine will protect you if you get exposed to the flu virus. And you've had the vaccine. It doesn't mean that the flu won't enter your system is -- your bodies ready to fight off that flu virus and what that does do is it. Prevents you from may be having complications from the flu does he get the flu the can get pneumonia it's what people die from -- so. You -- -- especially with young kids and older adults. They can get really sick with the flu absolutely and you think it's important you know we -- in the summertime to drink lots of water -- hot sweaty. But you say in the winter it's just as important. In the wintertime stay hydrated because we forget to drink water throughout the day and you're still losing water especially in the -- Sandra. And so -- hydrated. Still eating -- healthy balanced I've seen -- those are all things that can boost. Your immune system to fight off any illness that may come your way -- what you. You go -- eight glasses of water a day what's the that's a great -- -- here but remember the more fruits and vegetables -- -- the more. What you're getting in those foods as well that's right that's right now of course it's a tricky time for expectant mom and new moms giving special -- for them. You know what I'm a huge fan no matter what you do you. There's a good chance your kids and you might get sick with the cold this this cold flu season so. Anyone who knows me watches showed -- on a huge fan of the many -- in your nation and I've actually teamed up with Armand Hammer because I love. Simply sailing in terms the lottery prize. Moms and especially. Young little kids below the -- of six. Typically take cough and cold medicines so using ceiling when it does it washes out all that mucus -- that they have here tends pollutants allergens. And a lot of people are terrified than any part of your -- why you never -- Cincinnati but I am a little intimidated I must admit it so I I am a convert I -- when every night before I go to bed and it's really pretty simple. It's a matter of you fill this up. And you put a packet. Of salt and here. And what I like again about the Armand -- it has baking soda and so -- -- that burning sensation and you literally -- your -- -- -- in the shower where over the sink. In one nostril comes out the other and doesn't feel funny that -- -- you know what the very first time -- be an odd sensation but you'll. It's addictive in -- get -- and what's great is is resting in a good way. There's nothing in -- -- salt and water and so there's no harmful effects. But this is for adults like kids just -- brain right they can't get an -- sailing mists and again simply CNN has Linus of sailing this for baby's okay. And pregnant mothers should really be taking cough and cold medicine either so it's it's a great option for them. And obviously every time years. Say you're an airplane I travel so you know -- -- -- actually because a lot of people do travel holiday season and we hear that there are just. -- editions of germs. They are as are our workplaces and schools so when you get on an airline or you're traveling -- have to be extra costs and now we say. Make sure your washing your hands not touching your eyes and your nose that's how we transmit germs. Just make sure that that whenever you're touching surfaces that you're aware that the cold virus could be sitting on that surface -- And when I travel because the the airplane years -- drive -- actually used to -- -- willingness to keep my. My. Nasal membranes right Islam being nice and moist. I'm here just click remembering had to wash your hands a lot that's important right. Wash your hands easy to remember any time -- touched and the war. Or you shaken someone else's hands the virus to be on their hands it doesn't mean I walk around all day washing hands every two seconds. But you'll never -- me shake someone's hand and in touch lives and I've been very lucky I've spent. Last year's work -- -- our mom on TV where a lot of our producers get sick all the time that. Knock on my couch you've never have an -- in three years because I'm -- very conscious of you know doing these reasonable things I would say give -- -- the flu. Wash your hands regularly and -- -- I'm a huge fan using the ceiling irrigation one. Exercises that help boost your immune system if -- making -- thirty minutes today. Throughout the winner. Your immune system will be primed to fight off anything that comes your way right after Travis stork thank you so much thanks for.

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"Dr. Travis Stork shares his tips on how to stay healthy this winter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"14958729","title":"All-Natural Cold and Flu Prevention","url":"/Health/video/natural-cold-flu-prevention-14958729"}