Our Newest Partner to the Million Moms Challenge!

American Cancer Society joins the Challenge!
1:50 | 12/12/11

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Transcript for Our Newest Partner to the Million Moms Challenge!
Can cancer society is pleased to join ABC news and United Nations Foundation million -- challenge connecting millions of American women with millions of moms in developing countries and raising awareness of maternal issues such as pregnancy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Senecal cancer which is often affects women of child -- age is largely preventable and treatable early detection. Yet is the fourth leading cause of cancer death among women globally and the leading cause cancer death among women it's -- saharan Africa. Developing countries -- the plot of this disease -- more than 80%. -- nearly 530000. Cervical cancer cases in 2008. Occurring in countries least equipped to successfully treated. Incidence rates remain high in developing countries where girls and women -- not have access to prevention services such as education. HPV vaccination. And pre cancer screening and early treatment. Fortunately there's promising -- from the -- realized who recently announced they would support funding for up to nine countries to receive. Vaccines for the human apple -- of -- very easily. The virus which causes cervical cancer cervical cancer prevention -- be integrated into the full life cycle of global women's and maternal health issues. We urge you to join the million Bob's challenge. And also find out what you can do to fight cervical cancer worldwide. By these global cancer -- pork.

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{"duration":"1:50","description":"American Cancer Society joins the Challenge! ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15141346","title":"Our Newest Partner to the Million Moms Challenge!","url":"/Health/video/newest-partner-million-moms-challenge-15141346"}