NJ Boy Prompts NFL to Go Pink With Flags

Dante Cano wrote NFL commissioner requesting that the league raise awareness about breast cancer.
3:00 | 10/25/12

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Transcript for NJ Boy Prompts NFL to Go Pink With Flags
The fight against breast cancer getting a big boost -- the jets football game this Sunday the action on the field. You're going -- it's going to be hard to miss a great show of support. And it's all the idea of -- pretty wise little boy from New Jersey and you're about to meet up here's I would -- reporter Jeff for gays. There ratcheted down my name is -- thinking now this is the letter -- Cano sent to the NFL commissioner I wanted to know if you. And he thing in my idea think penalty flags in October for breast cancer alliance claims to and lines written with a pen. -- this simple idea. Why not have the games -- -- Kerry and throw pink flags instead of yellow. As another way for the NFL to promote breast cancer awareness. He came up on the idea because. On since say where. On since they Wear pink cleats and pink gloves -- -- commissioner Roger Goodell like the idea saying quote sometimes the simplest ideas can be the best. And so this coming Sunday as the jets battle the dolphins at MetLife stadium Dante will be there pregame. Presenting these pink flags to the -- You would be wondering why an eleven year old was thinking about breast cancer we -- too. The answer might -- -- -- here but this is the news -- And German and he's a little more aware. Of other. Illnesses that are out there -- fourteen year old sister -- has a rare disease it's called a Carty syndrome. It's a genetic disorder that usually only affects girls she's not my handicap. -- is -- collapsing and she she can't walk or talk with the Cato family says Nikki struggles have taught them valuable lessons. And to hope that. There is an understanding and a cure for everything. Which brings us back to these pink flags and the eleven year old boy who believes throwing them in a game we'll. Make a difference in life. Jeff -- channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":17561337,"title":"NJ Boy Prompts NFL to Go Pink With Flags","duration":"3:00","description":"Dante Cano wrote NFL commissioner requesting that the league raise awareness about breast cancer.","url":"/Health/video/nj-boy-dante-cano-prompts-nfl-to-go-pink-with-flags-17561337","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}