Officials won’t rule out canceling Olympics at last minute

The chief of the Tokyo organizing committee says officials will continue discussions if there is a spike in cases.
5:21 | 07/20/21

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Transcript for Officials won’t rule out canceling Olympics at last minute
Tokyo Olympics are facing a -- an outbreak with at least 71 people testing positive just three days before the opening ceremony. Two more US athletes L entered health and safety protocols overnight women's basketball player Katie those innocent. Revealed that she's tested positive an exact Levine is not traveling to Tokyo with the rest of the men's basketball team. Out of an abundance of caution but hopes to be able to join a team later this week. So let's talk about those positive test result just days ahead of the opening ceremony. With our very on K Mo in Tokyo. It came out your graphic. It's brow looking around Tokyo but I know in real life here there in the media bubble and some people. Of course staying in the Olympic village unfortunately have now tested positive it and had to go into quarantine there. What plans if there's a larger outbreak. While the big headline today Diane from Turkey or 22 Indian officials say. They're they're not ruling out a last minute an eleventh hour cancellation. Of these Olympic Games. Just think about that and what that means. The fact that we're just a couple Dave away from opening ceremonies the fact that tens of thousands of people pouring into Japan right now including 111000 athletes. Preparing for these Olympic Games. And officials say if they see a surge in cases if they see a major outbreak. That there is still a chance at these games could be canceled and yes it comes after already held one year delay of these Olympic Games I would add that daily news conference today with Bruce took your tweet when he officials. Another official said that if there is a major outbreak that they will have to reassess their could be a larger meeting with all the stakeholders. Of these games but for now they're hoping that the protocols that are in place will keep. That search from happening keep that outbreak from happening keep them from having to cancel these games. Took Canon power the US team stealing and not only with. This news that they just got this morning but also with Dow losing these players due to positive tests. It's typical because I imagine you have these athletes. Even alternates who worked and trained very hard for these positions. On the east teams and to hear there's news news this is extra added stress that they really don't need. And we also know that when it comes to these athletes. There is concern. There's concern not only for their own health but concern for anyone becoming contact wet and so we know that a positive case can have that ripple effect a domino effect. On these teams in diet we actually found out to be a little digging and found out what teen USA gymnastics is doing. Just keep athletes safe and they actually gave us his background this information same officials say the athletes have been separated from alternates. And they're trained separately everyone has their own room after that recent positive test that we just reported yesterday. There are designated rest rooms social distancing and private dining hall a daily Covert saliva tests and athletes are sitting won her row. On buses that shows you would Louise. What teen USA gymnastics is doing to keep their athletes from getting covic. It sounds like there are trying to be extra careful now that that alternate did test positive but. Officials there are saying that the athletes in general they're not all Bain decoded protocol so what are you hearing on that front. So Diane. Can you imagine 111000. Young confident. Athletes who are the top of their game all here in Tokyo fully vaccinated. Which brings a level competence as well. How do you keep those people. Harlem you know abating these Covert protocols these mass mandate the short answer is you don't but Tokyo Tony Tony is definitely trying. We get learn from IOC official bet there have been. Some who've been flaunting the rules a little bit not wearing a mask not social distancing not following the rules we even more from the IOC a source. That when it comes to buck says that there's been a little bit of overcrowding but. We understand that the concern over this issue caught the IOC to limit the amount of people on athletes on this buses and we are seeing some of that with what teen USA gymnastics is no way just reported there. And so I asked the spokesperson for the IOC about this. Earlier today and here's what she told me Diane she said what are quote her here she's at we have reminded continue to remind. All the National Olympic Committees have their responsibilities and follow the rules of the playbook it's. Rules are in place for physical distancing including. Transport so again reminding athletes to follow what he called the play book followed the rules. This will hopefully keep you safe. Hopefully keep that search from happening here and took you what really the Japanese keep or are concerned about again that drain on the system as they see. Really I think a record number of cases that it happened several days in a row consecutive days in a row of more than a thousand new. Davey cases approve it nineteen. Time Kenneth moaned in Tokyo so many fingers crossed for the athletes and for the games in general right now we appreciate their reporting Kenneth thank you. Thanks Diane.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"The chief of the Tokyo organizing committee says officials will continue discussions if there is a spike in cases.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"78950927","title":"Officials won’t rule out canceling Olympics at last minute","url":"/Health/video/officials-wont-rule-canceling-olympics-minute-78950927"}