Omega-3s Show Another Potential Benefit

Dr. Ski Chilton says omega-3 fatty acids may protect against cognitive decline.
2:13 | 02/27/12

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Transcript for Omega-3s Show Another Potential Benefit
For the last twenty years I think the data has unequivocally shown that a -- threes are protective and heart disease. And we began and we're beginning to get this buildup of -- that it can be extraordinarily. Protective in cognitive decline in dementia. So this is a very important trial in that it begins to address this other very -- an issue. A -- threes have been looked at as anti inflammatory. As they've been looked dad and a whole variety. But really. What seems to be a merging in of very very important way. Is the impact of Omega threes in protection of cognitive decline. Protective. From dementia and even protecting from some mental illnesses. Our brains are 60%. -- and them vast majority of that that is an Omega three called the -- -- If we can't make that DA today and we're not getting that the AK from my diet. We could be putting ourselves that significant risk of cognitive decline dementia and and and mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. And bipolar and attention deficit disorder we often have a tendency. To look at dietary supplements as being -- One dietary supplement being equal to and there. -- in the case of Omega threes. In in particular with heart disease. -- been overall half a million people -- the clinical trials. To show what's epic -- And now we're beginning to see the same -- and in the -- -- and protection against the -- and even some mental illnesses. So the cases. Becoming quite compelling for a -- -- threes they're not just any other salt LaMont. But their assault -- where there is that tremendous sum now. -- -- randomized clinical trials. Supporting their use.

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{"id":15803511,"title":"Omega-3s Show Another Potential Benefit","duration":"2:13","description":"Dr. Ski Chilton says omega-3 fatty acids may protect against cognitive decline.","url":"/Health/video/omega-3s-show-potential-benefit-15803511","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}