New Option for Menopausal Women

Dr. Jacques Moritz looks at data on DHEA to treat menopause symptoms.
4:33 | 12/22/11

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Transcript for New Option for Menopausal Women
There's new hope for women suffering from symptoms of menopause including a lagging sex lives. A new study in the journal of the international menopause society climate -- Said that they found evidence that low doses of hormone called DH EA can help in May become an alternative to hormone replacement therapy. Doctor Jacques Moritz director of gynecology at saint Luke's Roosevelt hospital is joining us now with deet tails -- -- as always it's great to have your idea that he's on the show -- Important as this study for women that suffer from menopause I think it offers hope so what they're talking about here is this hormone DHE. -- Di Hydro. At the end -- -- on. It's made by the adrenal glance it peeks at thirty kind of like estrogen. And then after menopause it decreases it becomes the only source that can be converted into estrogen so what they did the study is said well. Hormone replacement therapy estrogen progesterone has risks that increases breast cancer moment what about if we give some of -- DHE egg which by the way you get over the -- -- for anybody watching. It is -- steroid the molecule steroid and it's considered a pro hormone. And they gave it to women and they compared women with -- its women Wii -- and women on estrogen and they found that the women on it did just as well. In terms of sexual satisfaction as women on hormone replacement therapy so interest. But very Colin an old very preliminary really ended the authors agree this is really a small group of people now the hopes -- That since when you take this there's very few side effects. He gets converted into certain cells into estrogen and testosterone which is an inquiry and an increase your sexual satisfaction. The issue is what happens on the breast what happens -- other tissues and that's the question we don't know. Because it's available over the counter. Does not mean -- -- right doesn't mean that women should go out based on a single pilot study in -- fresh start taking rest hormone a lot of women in menopause had been taking this formal because everybody is really scared of estrogen. And protester and I understand as -- -- and there's no doubt about it but. Be clear this is a hormone probably. And the -- is probably safer than estrogen progesterone but that's just my personal opinion you -- Take that with a real -- we need a bigger bigger study on this as far as what's accepted and approved as treatment for menopausal symptoms is hormone replacement therapy basically the only game in town are so there's hormone replacement therapy. There are anti depressants. -- of pro prozac affects -- have been all looked at and that helps for those kind of hot -- doesn't help so much with the sexual symptoms. There are some anti hypertension. Drugs that also take off the edge of the hot flashes that they didn't look at hot flashes in the study all they -- that. The sexual -- well that's really interesting because they did look specifically at how women who took the use sex sexual activity and drive right was affected by. -- On the priority of -- -- does that rank for women. Who are going to -- upon all its its its way up there you know we met with the menopause around 5050. Is not. Our parents -- it's different I'm fifty anyway fifty is fifty now and people want to keep on enjoying sex and everything. There's a lot of things that -- menopause for so if you can't sleep in your having hot flashes in your irritable and -- that. That's going to be a top priority forget -- sex is going to be on the bottom so you don't have those. And you have vaginal dryness or decrease in arousal. It's going to be the next issue. And you know it's not only women that I taking this men take DH EA also because again. You take it any kind of boost your testosterone a little bit. Where women are gonna have to be careful -- breast cancer would THE men -- gonna have to be careful with prostate cancer we just don't know whether this -- hazard -- doesn't how much more study needs to be. Don before DA TA becomes sort of a more widely accepted form of treatment from that Parcells -- have to do huge studies that estrogen study took. What was -- forty years before we even got to the point where we had the definitive one and -- completely. Undid the whole thing we got estrogen was a fountain of youth -- when you take yesterday new defying a beautiful -- you live forever. Then all of a sudden they thought it was completely wrong when they really looked at it. This is justified its pilot study and -- not yet another two on the toolbox that's rightly perhaps hope for the future. Doctor Jack Morris thanks as -- -- for expertise could be.

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{"id":15215672,"title":"New Option for Menopausal Women","duration":"4:33","description":"Dr. Jacques Moritz looks at data on DHEA to treat menopause symptoms.","url":"/Health/video/option-menopausal-women-15215672","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}